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republican debate

  • Question:-republican debate?
    when is the republican debate? did i miss it?

    Answer:-There are numerous debates. Last week, there was a "Value Voters" debate (which didn't include the boring microphone hogs that the media laughingly calls "top-tier candidates") in which Ron Paul referred to Jesus as the "Prince of Peace," called for the US to leave the UN and all other Globalist organizations, and refused to support certain unconstitutional parts of the Christian Right's agenda. The other "2nd tier" candidates pandered to the Christian Right.
  • Question:-....Republican Debate?
    Is there any way I can re watch the republican debate (9/7/11) again online? I couldn't watch it because I had football.

    Answer:-It's on YouTube (of course! Where else?)

    It's in four parts. This is the first part.
  • Question:-How has the Republican Debate been significant to Australia, shaping the nation's history?
    I found this question to be very confusing and I would love some help. The whole question is "How has the Republican Debate been significant to Australia, shaping the nation's history? Will it continue to influence the history of Australia?"

    I think the desired answer might be something like:

    The republican debate has been significant to Australia, dominating politics, causing a referendum......etc. It will likely continue to shape the nation into the future as the debate has not been settled yet.

    Please help me.

    Answer:-You asked the question and you are confused by your own question?

    Republicanism in Australia has been around since the Irish were brought here in ball and chain during the first fleet in 1788.

    The issue of Republicanism will never die out whilst there are Irish catholics living and breathing in Australia.

    The catholics are all republicans after all a Roman Caesar is the head of the Papist church and not a Papist leader in Jerusalem where you'd really think that the son of man, the saviour Christ, ought to have his manifested prophet as the Pope as resident in on Earth, and not in the Vatican City, within Italy.

    Only a Roman Emperor would live in the Vatican City.

    As for Anglo-Saxon Protestants well, the head of the commonwealth is the British monarch, an ex-communicated monarch with her own head of the church being the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church of England.

    The denial of Catholics as being a head of an anglo-saxon nation within the commonwealth of nations has been predetermined since the Ascension edict of 1701 during the reign of Queen Anne. Her edict will deny forever a papist from ascension into Buckingham Palace. The Hanoverian monarchs have irrefutably denied all former Norman monarchs, mainly Papist as well, from ascension into the British royal families.

    The desire for Australians to become a republic is as difficult to articulate to mainly WASPish majority living in Australia. People are too well entrenched with traditions and history.

    The greatest threat to mainly WASPS, and protestant Pacific Islanders, is the fear of Filipino Catholics in the region. There is over 80 million catholics in South East Asia, this is frightening for Protestants in Australia and everywhere in Oceania.There is a great number of Philipines migrating into Australia per annum supported by the Catholic church which is so frightening for all Australians.
  • Question:-Why did the Republican front runners decline to participate in debate?
    Covenant with Black America moderated by Tavis Smiley, had a Democratic debate with ALL of the Democratic nominees, televised on June 28 at Howard University. YES they all showed up and I heard their position and plans for many issues surrounding hard working Americans. However, The Republican debate is set for September 27 at Morgan State University and these alleged front runners have declined to participate: Rudy Guiliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney & Fred Thompson.
    This is ONE more reason for Republicans NOT to get my VOTE....they are not concerned with the issues involving not just African Americans, but People of Color in general and the hard working people who carry this country. Do Republicans believe they can continute to ignore the People and push their own agendas - and we won't push back? Any intelligent comments out there?
    The only way for Republicans & Democrats to HEAR the PEOPLE is to address those who can't afford to pay $1000 per plate fund raisers. It appears Covenany with Black America is the only venue I've seen offering debates for both parties to address issues surrounding the common American. I'm not making this a race thing - you assume I am - I can but won't go have you seen any Republicans speak to a predominately black, hispanic, native american or asian crowd? Even in the media? I haven't seen any other scheduled debates (Fox or otherwise) that was turned down by either party so if you know of any, please advise and I will definitely check it out.....Oh wait - our Hispanic community tried to organize a debate and got no response so they cancelled. Any others?

    Answer:-Maybe those Republicans don't feel that everything has to be turned into a race issue.

    edit: why did Obama being one of the Democrats front runners decline their recent debate in Iowa....along with others. Was it because of the mostly White elderly crowd.
  • Question:-Where is the exact location for the September 22 Republican debate?
    The Republican presidential candidates are supposed to be coming to Orlando, Florida on Thursday, September 22 to have another debate. I've searched everywhere, and can't find an exact address for it, because I would like to go.

    So, where is it, what time does it start, and how could I get in to see it in person?


    Answer:-Orange County Convention Center
  • Question:-Would you rather watch the Republican debate or a rerun episode of Family Guy?
    I remember when republican Gov. Snyder here in Michigan would only have a debate in the daytime when most are at work. But I guess the Republican base the retired can`t stay up until 7pm.

    Answer:-I hate Family Guy. American Dad is even worse.

    I'll watch the GOP debates.
  • Question:-Fellow Democrats: are you also itching to see the Republican nominee face Obama in a debate?
    I saw that Republican debate the other night and there was no one on that stage who could go toe to toe with Obama. When you take a Conservatwit out of their cocoon and force them to face the glaring lights of reality they crumple like paper dolls.

    Which of the Republican candidates from the other night do you think would humiliate themselves most blatantly in a debate with Obama?

    Answer:-That'd be sweet.
  • Question:-What was the republican debate about?
    What happened in the republican debate in Las Vegas last night? Who did it involve? What were topics of discussion? What happened?

    Answer:-Maybe about who can make themselves the most un-electable in the general election.

    Keep in mind that Obama care is approved of by more than 50% of Americans, they're falling all over themselves to say they'll repeal it.

    Keep in mind that people aren't buying stuff, they're falling all over themselves saying that the rich need more tax cuts to create jobs, to build stuff, that people aren't buying.

    The tea party wants to nominate the candidate that is least acceptable to independents in the general election.
  • Question:-Republican DEBATE?
    I'm Canadian, but as you know we are greatly interested in who becomes the next President. I have to say, I was completely disappointed with Mitt Romney. Very Unpresidential behaviour, acting defensive, and getting upset...I suppose Huckabee in an Andy Griffith sort of way would make a Great President if this was 1955 or something..
    Mccain seems like a friggin psyco. The two candidates on the ends obviously aren't in the running. Fred Thompson seems like the same guy as he does on TV. Juliani is too short to be President. That leaves Ron Paul.

    its very odd that when the Dems were having their debate, everyone was cheering like crazy when the candidates were saying they will bring the troops home, yet when he suggested it, he was booed, and Mccain compared him to Hitler!!!!

    Answer:-Here is how I ranked them.

    1.Mike Huckabee - witty, well-prepared, and compassionate and would unite us! He is the man for the job! Death penalty skate, but I understand why!
    2.John McCain - affirmed that he is the a well respected veteran and would Lead well.
    3.Mitt Romney - bickering with Rudy made him look petty; comments on torture made him seem wise and made McCain seem cold and on the attack! Comments on Confederate flag non-issue.
    4.Ron Paul - didn't respond well to McCain's attacks; rant about North American Union conspiracy made him seem too extreme.
    5.Duncan Hunter – Faired well, not much time, but all answers were good! He would be a great VEEP to Huckabee!
    6.Tom Tancredo – Good on one issue: Immigration, but he ranks high on my candidate calculator, so candidate for VEEP too!
    7.Fred Thompson - not heard from very much, seemed poorly prepared and confused. Not very articulate and disappointing. Sounded like he was trying out for VEEP.
    8.Rudy Giuliani - bickering with Romney made him look petty, if I have to listen to his stats about NY one more time, I will PUKE!

  • Question:-Is it right that my husband didn't let our sons have bathroom breaks during the Republican Debate?
    Tonight was the Republican debate on Fox News and my husband thinks it's so important that no one is allowed to leave the room during it. For any reason, even the bathroom. Our son who is twelve years old apparently didn't empty his bladder beforehand. He squirmed and asked for permission, but there were rules in place. He ended up wetting his jeans. Fortunately the couch has plastic covers. Do you think my husband is right? Is more important than bathroom? really DIDN'T grow up, did you?

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