Friday, November 11, 2011

austin rivers

  • Question:-Austin Rivers????????????
    Austin Rivers stats 2010-11???

    Answer:-The following are Austin Rivers' stats for the 2010-11 season courtesy of MaxPreps.

    28.8ppg, 2.2apg, .7bpg, 6.1rpg, 2spg
  • Question:-Is it true that Austin Rivers is going to Duke?
    There have been talks about Austin Rivers (Doc Rivers' son) going to Duke next year for university. He's listed as college basketball's No. 1 recruit. Just trying to make sure.... is he going to Duke or not?
    Will we see him at March Madness 2012 if Duke makes it?

    Answer:-Yep, in the fall of 2011....He decided to play for the blue devils. When he originally committed to University of Florida.
  • Question:-Creating austin rivers on nba 2k10 for my player mode?
    I am trying to create high school phenom Austin rivers for my player mode on nba 2k10. You can find different videos of him on youtube he plays for winter park high school. I want to have a player that looks just like him. What specific options should i choose for his: face, head, shot style, position, team, accessories. hairstyle, play style, and if you have anymore input it would be appreciated. be as specific as possible

    Answer:-Yes you can
  • Question:-Who will be better in the NBA Austin Rivers or Brandon Jennings?
    Jennings just finished his first year in the NBA, Rivers is still picking colleges. Whose game do you like more as as a young player trying to learn which would you emulate to learn from and get better. Break down their games.

    Answer:-Brandon J is beast.
  • Question:-What makes Austin Rivers better than all the other incoming freshmen?
    He is #1 practically everywhere why?

    I have seen him play and not impressed.

    Answer:-He's the son of Doc Rivers, probably another Luke Walton.
  • Question:-When did Austin Rivers appear on the cover of ESPN RISE magazine?
    Please help. Thank you so much. Even if you do not know the exact date, do you know if it was recently???

    Answer:-I believe it was in January 2010.
  • Question:-How good do you think Austin Rivers will be when he gets to the NBA?
    Hes so good. Hes not just all raw talent, hes so smart. I think hes going to be a hall of fame type player. The kid goes through Celtic practices and as I read he does great against them.

    What do you think?
    STUCK, have you compared the highlights? no Austin Rivers is unbelievably talented.

    Answer:-When he gets in the NBA? I think there will be an adjustment period, not that great. Nice range and very gutsy and fantastic confidence and attitude. I give him maybe two or three years to find his spot. Call me crazy but he could be a Derrick Rose/Dwayne Wade type but needs to work on his overall ball game and aggressiveness. He has a few weaknesses that the pros would eat up (ball handling)
  • Question:-Will Austin rivers play on dukes basketball team this year or next year?
    Im just getting into college basketball, and i was wondering if he is gonna play on the 2010-2011 team or next years team.And also will Marshall plumlee play on the 2010-2011 team.

    Answer:-yes he is he even said it himself.
    hes going to be number 1 pick in next years draft dock rivers son!
  • Question:-are the celtics even trying to get Austin Rivers in the team in 2012?
    how akward will it be when your dad is coaching you?

    Answer:-I think it would be good to watch. I'm sure they both know each others strengths and weaknesses and will use that to there advantage. The best case scenario would be for the Boston Celtics to win the NBA Finals and for the Oklahoma City Thunder to have the worst record because the Celtics have their 1st round draft pick.
  • Question:-What NBA player does Austin Rivers remind you of?
    I think it's somewhere between Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, and Deron Williams. He's a pretty well rounded player.


    He has a high basketball IQ. He's able to get to the rim and finish better than his father. He can make the outside shot unlike his father.

    He has all the benefits of being a good coach's son but has the talents and skills of a rising star.

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