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college basketball

  • Question:-College basketball?
    I just want to play college basketball and have no intention of going pro, so i cant afford to miss classes of the course i have taken.

    SUPPOSE i get selected by one of the colleges to play for them, then would i be missing classes? if yes then how many? will i be able to catch up on missed classes?

    Answer:-I'm not intimately familiar with this, as I have never played college basketball.
    However, I believe that the time/travel/practice requirement will vary from university to university.
    For example, at a top-flight college basketball program, there may be more practice requirements and also more travel requirements for tourneys and so forth.
    Also, certain school may place more of a priority on academics for their athletes than other schools. Different school will have different policies on tutoring and missed classes. But all schools are going to recognize that some student athletes may miss class from time to time due to athletic commitments. The univeristy recognizes this, they know what an asset athletics can be to a school, and they will be happy to accomodate you. The accomodation can take the form of tutors, giving you your assignments before-hand, or make up exams/classes. Just be sure to address any missed classes/assignments with the professor. Don't just ignore the class and hope for the best.
    All in all, (assuming you are hard-working and relatively intelligent), you should have no problem playing basketball and thriving academically. Just make sure to discuss this potential issue with the head coach and school administrators before committing to the school. Find out about their policies on student athletes, and do not be afraid to ask questions. Then be prepared to work hard, take classes you enjoy, and you will do great.

    Good luck.
  • Question:-college basketball?
    i just wanted to know how to get into college basketball. i live in australia and i dont know alot about it. but do u need like a scholarship? u need to go 2 high school in america to get chosen beforehand? please give me as much information as u can. cheers.

    Answer:-Well there are several different levels of college ball. You do not have to go to high school in the US for any of them. The one that is the highest level is NCAA D-1.

    To play D1 you really need to be recruited because its the toughest to break into. If you have D1 talent and a coach or scout for a school sees you play enough you may be offered a scholarship to play for a program or a coach may offer an opportunity to walk-on and be a part of the team as a non-scholarship player. If you improve your game enough you may be able to get a scholarship a season or two after your freshman year. Here the only requirement for you would be that you can qualify academically for the school you choose.

    The next one I'll talk about is NJCAA. This is the junior colleges or 2 year schools. I figured I'd talk about this one next because I know of several australians that played baseball and basketball at the NJCAA school I went to. The overall talent level isn't as high at the NJCAA especially at the D-II and D-III levels but the benefits of going this route are that the academics standards are lower.(Many US players who fail to meet the academic standards out of HS go to JC to improve their grades) and also one huge benefit about going to a JC is you can still receive an scholarship to play basketball at this level. And after your two years if you've played well enough an NCAA team may offer you a scholarship to play for them.

    The next level is NCAA D-II and then NCAA D-III. These are also 4year schools like NCAA D-1 however the talent level is significantly lower and there is very little media exposure. The positives are at a D-II you can still receive a scholarship for playing basketball(However D-III does not offer athletic scholarships but there are grants available and you may qualify for an academic scholarship) and alot of these schools are very good schools to get your college degree from. So if getting a good degree is priority for you then there is alot of great D-II and D-III schools to chooe from.

    The next level is NAIA. These are usually really small schools and most of them have a religious affiliation. However there are 4yr schools and they can offer atheltic scholarships. NAIA is a completely different organization from the NCAA. And again there is very little media exposure at this level but here again you can play 4 years of basketball and get a degree.

    Ways for you to get noticed by coaches would be to play in as many big tournaments as possible(preferably international tournaments) However don't worry if you're not quite good enough to make an international team. The next step would be to make a recruiting packet to send out to coaches of schools you'd be interested in attending. The packet should include a bio, your stats, team info and a video of your performance in games.

    Whether your goal is to play in the NBA or another international pro league, to coach, or just for the experience college ball has alot to offer. If you need any more info let me know.
  • Question:-College Basketball?
    I was thinking today. I havent ever played highschool basketball. I am sure I could have made the team but I just didnt have time for the practices and stuff like that. When I go to college, is there anyway I could play basketball there without having played HighSchool?

    Answer:-You can play Intramural.
  • Question:-COLLEGE BASKETBALL...?
    In college basketball if a player is fould when in the act of shooting, is the shooting foul for 2 free throws no matter how many team fouls have occured?

    Answer:-The team fouls don't matter, but the shooter doesn't always get two freethrows because:

    If the bucket is made, the player only gets 1 freethrow (referred to as an "and 1").

    If the bucket is not made, they get 2 freethrows.

    If they were attempting a 3, the shooter would get 3 freethrows.

    If the 3 point shooter makes the shot, the shooter gets 1 freethrow for a rare 4 point play.
  • Question:-How often does the college basketball be in practice and practice?
    When the basketball players arrive the first day of college, but they have to go to the practice on the same day. The college basketball players must be there everyday until the time of games and after the season is over.

    Answer:-What? They probably do conditioning dureing the summer and once school starts...they don't start practicing until Oct and play starting Nov...they don't practice after the season is over.
  • Question:-What is the difference between college basketball and pro basketball?
    My class is doing a research paper and my groups topic is basketball. My topic as a group member is what is the difference between college basketball and pro basketball. I need a very detailed answer if possible if not just give me what you got and the sources would be great also. Please and Thank You!

    Three point line is at about 20.1 feet
    The average height of players is lower than that of the NBA
    Players don't get paid, just get scholarships to play for a school
    They have tournaments which are single elimination to determine who is the best in the country
    The NCAA tournament is widely considered the greatest part of the sports calendar because of the parody and intensity displayed in each game.

    Pro Basketball:
    Players make money for playing basketball
    the level of skill is much higher than in college
    players tend to be taller in the NBA.
    3 point line in the NBA is at about 23 feet.
    Playoffs are normally 7 games, winner winning atleast 4 out of 7 games for 4 rounds until a champion is crowned.
    NBA season has 82 games + playoffs compared to colege which has about 30 regular season games + the championship torunaments.
  • Question:-How do college basketball players get to such good schools?
    First of all half of the NBA players that went to these highly known educated schools aren't really well educated, you can tell by their grammar, some of their immaturity, and some of their ghettoness I guess you can say. I know sure as hell some of these players did not get a 4.0 GPA or something, some players did and didn't I know that much.

    How do these college basketball players get into these good schools and how are they not overwhelmed by the homework and so on? Do they even have classes? Do they pay someone else to do their stuff for them?

    Answer:-because when your really good at basketball you can get scholarships.... the best schools want the best players so the great players get to go to great colleges no matter the grades, a 2.5 is like all you have to have anyway
  • Question:-How long does college basketball coaches take to response to recruiting?
    Last week on Thursday I send out one of my basketball drills & skills dvd video to The Men's Head Basketball Coach of Miracosta College and now is been seven days ago I still haven't heard from the coach yet. Can anyone tell me long does college basketball coaches take to response to recruiter?...Thanks

    Answer:-Um, just a guess...he didn't like what he saw so he never responded.

    I'm pretty sure he'd recruit you by looking at HS games ect. Not by a video of drills/skills.
  • Question:-Who is the best college basketball team to watch?
    I've become fed up with the NBA. So people suggested that I watch college basketball. Any suggestions of some good {winning} teams?

    Answer:-North Carolina #1, Davidson, Texas, Michigan State, Michigan, Oklahoma, and UCLA are some of the top teams. I only put Michigan in there because they beat Duke twice.
  • Question:-Do u need to play college basketball to declare for the nba draft?
    Ok so i am in college, but i dont play for my college's basketball team nor did I try out to be because of an injury. Do u need to play college basketball to declare for the nba draft?

    Answer:-Not technically. There are a quite a few players in the NBA who did not even go to college. The NBA has tryouts sometimes you just have to know where they are. If you plan on trying out, good luck!

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