Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday news


    Answer:-there are no such news.
  • Question:-Is the good news about Black Friday is that Wal-Mart kept the fatalities down to a minimum with only a?
    few maimings?

    Answer:-Yes....wait....clean up on isle 3!
  • Question:-When will the black Friday ads be posted in the news paper?
    I got the Sunday paper today and they weren't in there. When do they usually start showing ads in the paper?

    Answer:-EVERYONE puts their Black Friday ads out in the Thanksgiving Day newspaper, you'll be able to to find everything you need there. You can also go to, the search function they have is really great, you can search by specific store and specific departments within that store and then sort by price. You can also search for stores in your area from that site.
  • Question:-When will the black Friday ads be in the news papers?
    Can I get them in the Sunday paper?

    Answer:-thaNKS GIVING

    check yoour storers website
    Happy thanksgiving
  • Question:-On Thursday when channel 3 news were at the mall for black Friday?
    Brad perry was in a eye wear store what was it called?

    Answer:-Big Lots.
  • Question:-Black Friday in Newport News, VA?
    Hello, all I am a veteran of the Black Friday sales in Newport News, Virginia. If you are looking to be one of the first in line at any store around here, you do not need to be there before 11pm, the night before!!! I have showed up was early a few times, thinkning there was gonna be a line and I ended up being the 2nd person there. The 3rd person did not show up until almost 10pm, I was so ticked off!!! IKf anyone has any questions about Newport News, please feel free to ask. And yes, I will be there this year as well for the ones who know me.....TAZ

    Answer:-2 points here!
  • Question:-When are black friday ads in News Paper Stands?

    Answer:-typically they come out in Thanksgiving Day newspaper editions.
  • Question:-Black Friday, black friday sales, black friday deals and ads?
    PLz suggest me from where i can get info about Black Friday, black friday ads, black friday deals and black friday news. i'm very excited about this black friday shopping season so plz suggest me a gud site

    Answer:-hi!! i knw a very gud site about black friday. it contains gud information about Black Friday, black friday ads, black friday deals and black friday news.
    site url is
  • Question:-when do the adds for black friday turn up in the news paper? in other words what day should I but the paper?

    Answer:-Thanksgiving Day (Thursday)...
  • Question:-So I came out on the news at target for black friday!!?
    I think it was channel 5 or 7 and im trying to view it... it was like an interview about some tvs i bought and i cant find it at all can someone help ? chicago il

    Answer:-Exciting! You'll have to google the station and the city - Channel 7 Chicago - and then search for the video. If there's an Archive section you might look for yesterday's news. If you find the clip, email them and ask nicely for a copy or ask if you can download a copy.

    The next time this happens to you be sure to ask when it's going to be shown... and don't be disappointed if you don't see yourself. These videos are edited for time.

    Oh, heck... I remember how exciting it is to think you're on TV.

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