Wednesday, November 9, 2011

eric church

  • Question:-Eric Church...?
    What is your favorite Eric Church song and WHY?? Mine is "Before She Does". I know its about a girl leaving, but I agree with everything he sings about!!
    Not sure why someone would answer if they "aren't into" him???

    Answer:-guys like me
    im not even a guy, but i love the song...and i love guys like that...they are the best ones and the most respectful...his songs really reach out to ppl..and let them know who HE really is too.
  • Question:-what song does eric church play first at his concerts?
    my husband and i have a bet going on about what song eric church will play first at his concert friday night! can you guys help me out and let me know which songs he has played first at his other concerts? thanks so much in advance.

    Answer:-no, sorry i can't
  • Question:-Theres a song Named michael by eric church im looking for please send link?
    Theres this song by eric church called michael i heard at grand old orpy and im looking for please help.

    Answer:-looked on youtube and couldn't find it
  • Question:-Anyone know of similar artists to Eric Church?
    I recently discovered Eric Church's most recent two albums and LOVE them. I love how different his sound is, almost like a cross between rock band and Dirt Band. It is not as processed and "pop" sounding as other recent country artists like many other male country artists.

    When you search "similar artists to Eric Church" it seems that any other male country artist is rated to be "super similar" to him only because they are modern country artists but actually sound nothing the same.

    Any suggestions? not interested in Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, etc (still love these guys but its not the sound I am looking for) I want more feeling in the music.

    Answer:-Justin Moore
    Jake Owen
    Dierks Bentley
    Brantley Gilbert
    Randy Houser
  • Question:-How do feel about the song homeboy by eric church?
    Im not a fan of the song because i dont like how it sounds but some say it has subliminal messages in it dealing with racism towards blacks and hatefullness toward the urban culture. Thoughts?

    Answer:-I really like it.. and it's not just directed entirely towards blacks and gangsters. The real story of the song is about two brothers; one is going the right direction and the other is headed down the wrong path. The good brother is trying to bring the other one back home. I think the music and the lyrics are good and refreshing because it says what others don't usually say in songs.
  • Question:-Who is Eric Church in the country music world?
    Someone bought me tickets to see him perform. I don't know who he is. Is he good at singing?

    Answer:-Eric Church puts on a good show in concert.....I don't think you'll be disappointed...

    Guys Like Me-

    Love Your Love The Most-

    How 'Bout You-

  • Question:-Can anyone tell me the waxx 104.5 words for Monday, July 13th, weekend word, word on the st for eric church?
    Just got home from vacation I need the 6:12, 7:12, 9:12 and the weekend word, & the word on the street for Eric Church. Thanks

    Answer:-WAXX 104.5, Eau Claire, WI:
    6:12: furniture
    7:12: website
    9:12: relief
    1:12: fish
    4:12: rice
    Smart Alex: hug
    Big 5 Rewind: Bonfire-Craig Morgan
    Weekend word- 7/11-7/12: sunshine
    Eric Church: Carolina
  • Question:-Are Eric Church and Jamey Johnson the future of Country Music?
    Travis Tritt had it right when he said "Country Aint Country No More" Most artists today have strayed from traditional country music and have crossed the line into the Pop Genre. While this can be good with artists like Tayor Swift getting the younger crowds feet wet and pulling them to CMT and Country radio, where is the country music? Where is the wholesome music about real life that has a positive message? Where are the songs about rural country life that I can relate to?

    Answer:-We can only hope but sadly Jamey is not getting the public recognition that he deserves and in my opinion is the only artist today that I feel harkens back to the day of Waylon. His latest album is fantastic and when I bought it, it renewed my faith in the ability to hear traditional music being produced today. I think for traditonal country lovers though, we have to search the "Americana" and "independant" labels to find the music that falls into this category.

    Sadly, Nashville does hold the market in what listeners hear over general radio stations and it is more about the business and sales than it is about the music. The artist's that respect their craft and the genre have moved to outside label's or even creating their own.
  • Question:-whats the meaning of the song im gettin stoned by eric church?
    what is the meaning behind the song, what is he trying to say?

    Answer:-He's getting drunk, not high.

    "Yeah I knew that it was over
    When I heard those wedding bells
    That preacher was my jailer
    Now this bottle is my bail
    So much for all that prayin',
    Her I do would be I don't
    She got a rock
    I'm gettin' stoned"

    His ex is getting married, and he's getting drunk.
  • Question:-What are some artist and songs similar to the style of Eric Church and Jamey Johnson?
    I really like there slow down home country style. I would like to hear artist like them preferably underground country artist. none of that mainstream pop stuff

    Answer:-I don't know any underground artists. I don't like mainstream pop/country. You might want to check out traditional country music artists. Some of Jamey Johnson's songs remind me of traditional country.
    Amanda- Waylon Jennings
    Sunday Morning Coming Down- Johnny Cash
    The Fugitive- Merle Haggard
    The Way I Am - Merle Haggard
    Hungry Eyes- Merle Haggard
    Tennessee Whiskey- George Jones

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