Wednesday, November 9, 2011

carrie underwood

  • Question:-carrie underwood?
    i love how carrie underwood does her makeup, she is a beautiful person. thats why i want to know how she does her makeup, i am new to this. how does she do it?

    (i look a lot like her).

    Answer:-you have got to ask her .
  • Question:-Carrie underwood?
    Is there a website where I can download Carrie Underwood singing "Desperado" for free?
    Is there a website where I can download Carrie Underwood singing "Desperado" for free?

    I have already tried Limewire and Ares

    Answer:-try emule its great!
  • Question:-Carrie Underwood?
    I'm a 15 year old straight guy and I listen to Carrie Underwood, is that gay? Is she just for girls? I want her new CD for Christmas but him embarrassed to tell my parents because they make think I'm gay.

    Answer:-NOT gay at all. in fact its totally normal. she had a wonderful voice and is very talented, not to mention gorgeous!! don't be ashamed to ask for her CD. music, no matter who sings/writes/performs it, is intended for everyone to enjoy. its not made specifically for men or women. most songs can be related to both sexes. if you are too embarrassed still go out and buy the CD yourself. people will think you are buying it for someone else as a gift for the holidays. its the perfect time of year. good luck!!!
  • Question:-How is Carrie Underwood influential in the Musical World?
    Need help.

    Writing a one page paper on Carrie Underwood for my Musicproject on a musical performer and I almost finished it but my teacher wants to know how she is influential in the musical world. I don't know how she is. Can you help me?

    Answer:-She's a great person she believes in God and is very strong in her faith! She's a great role model she does a lot for charity she is currently the face of pedigree helping homeless dogs find homes her music is very inspiring and uplifting but also fun and honestly she has the best voice in country she is modern country but also has the traditional sound to her she's the youngest member of the grand ole opry! She's also a songwriter :)
  • Question:-Who can I contact to get carrie underwood to preform at a humane society charity event?
    I know that Carrie Underwood is a huge animal supporter. So even though it probably wont happen, I want to try to see if I can get her to preform at a charity event for the Nebraska Humane Society. Any one know who I can contact.

    They are the ones who are running her web site, so you can try contacting them.
  • Question:-What elementery school did Carrie Underwood go to?
    My friend's grandmother used to teach a student named 'Carrie Underwood' and were trying to figure out if she taught the world famous Carrie Underwood, or if it was just another student who has the same name.

    Answer:-well she lived in checotah oklahoma her hole life. So since checotah is so small they probably one had 1 elementary school so it shouldn't be hard to look up the name of the school. Although if you find out that her grandmother taught someplace other than checotah then it wasn't the same Carrie Underwood.
  • Question:-What address would I use to send a letter to Carrie Underwood?
    My 3 year old son is a HUGE Carrie Underwood fan. I would love to write a letter to her about him, but I'm not sure what address to send it to. Does anyone know? And if anyone has written to her, did you get any sort of reply? My son would be thrilled if he got something in the mail from Carrie Underwood. Any info is much appreciated!

    Answer:-to carrie underwood
    c/o american idol
    go to the american idol website usually at the bottom of the page click on where it saya contact us it should give you the address.
  • Question:-When Is Carrie Underwood Going To Start Her Next Concert Tour?
    When is carrie underwood going to start her new tour. And when is the new CD going to come out?

    Answer:-well no know knows yet. she said she is gonna start writing songs for the cd at the end of this month. so im guessing the cd wont come out till like the end of the year :( so the next tour probably wont be till next year. but no one knows for sure it depends on how long it takes her to write and record the songs onto the cd.
  • Question:-Need advice on carrie underwood song just a dream?
    I am going to sing "just a dream" by carrie underwood for my school's simulation of american idol. I have had some voice training and am taking lessons now. Does anyone have any tips to help me sing this song because from the sheet music it looks like a very hard song.

    Answer:-thats a really tough song to sing. my best advice would be to feel the song. if you focus ONLY on singing it technically well, the essence of the song wont come off. you really gotta feel the song and put yourself in the place of the character in it, otherwise the song wont be good at all. good luck!
  • Question:-How do I make over like Carrie underwood?
    I want to be smokey eye like carrie underwood's one.
    Do you know how to make up like her?

    Answer:-Try this tutorial for a smokey eye look -

    Hope i could help ♥

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