Friday, November 11, 2011

florida marlins

  • Question:-florida marlins?
    hey my name is beau. and i was wondering how can you download florida marlins high light videos? into windows movie maker. like for ex. cabrera's 3 run homer.

    Answer:-go to youtube and take the embed and if that doesnt work you could add the page to your favorites and quickly look at the highlights whenever you want. I put a link below to start your collection
  • Question:-What are the chances that the Florida Marlins make the playoffs in your opinion?
    The Marlins are .500 and currently third in the NL East and 6th in the wild card race. Basically our only chance of the playoffs is miraculously winning the NL east.

    So what chances do you give my Florida Marlins in making the playoffs?

    Answer:-slim, but not impossible. i agree that they'll have to win the division. i think the marlins can be compared to the rockies from a couple yrs back. young, talented, but untested. i think josh johnson is the second best pitcher in the nl behind jiminez. and of course hanley, cantu, and gaby sanchez are great too. i think if anibal sanchez and chris volstad can both start throwing like they are capable of, and a offensive player (coghlan/maybin) heats up then look out nl. they would be tough to beat in the playoffs with johnson and a hot volstad and sanchez.
  • Question:-Florida Marlins?
    Do you think the Marlins make the playoffs this year? What will their record be (w,l)???

    Answer:-The biggest concern is starting pitching.

    Josh Johnson is coming off the DL soon, Anibal Sanchez (Threw a no-hitter rookie year), and Sergio Mitre are also coming back by the end of the year, probably around the All-Star break.

    Andrew Miller has had some great outtings, and others that were struggling. If Andrew throws like he can in all of his starts then he will without a doubt be a great pitcher.

    Scott Olsen has the talent to pitch great, he just needs to stay calm and work quick out on the mound.

    Ricky Nolasco, who pitched yesterday and went 8.2/3 innings striking out 12, allowing only 2 runs against a red-hot Devil Rays team, is becoming the ACE. That is a bit scary, but if he keeps doing what he is doing then how can you argue with it?

    The bullpen is in a bit of a slump right now, but as we saw early in the year they were absolutely dominate. They also have some injuries out of the pen.

    The line-up is solid.

    Hanley obviously is a great player, needs some defensive work, but all in all, an All Star SS.

    Uggla went on a tear in May, Jacobs has serious pop, Jorge Cantu has played outstanding as of late, Cody Ross is clutch with homers. With Willingham injured, Gonzo has stepped up and played consistently, which is pretty impressive since he is 40.

    Once the Hammer (Willingham) comes back into the line-up, and they get the starting pitching back.... well... the doubters will still say it cant be done.. but i'm pretty confident it will be done.

    I AM a Marlins fan, but honestly didnt think they had a very good shot the past few years... this year feels different, and I think that it will happen.

    Idk about the record though.
  • Question:-How much cash could the Florida Marlins get for giving Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez to another team?
    The reason I am asking this is because the Marlins could definitely use some money to fund the financing gap for a stadium in South Florida. As much as I admire these guys, there is no way the Marlins could sign them long term anyways, so if we could get a stadium deal done as a result of this trade, I think it would be worth it.

    Cabrera and Ramirez, who are undoubtedly two of the best players in the world, should get a pretty high price. If this could be done, what do you think these guys would fetch, given their current contract status? And I'm not talking about trading for another player and some cash--I'm talking just a cash deal only.

    Or can this even be done? I don't remember seeing any deals like this recently.

    Answer:-They would get a couple million, but they'd also get amzing young players if they made that trade.
  • Question:-What do you guys think about the florida marlins for the 2011 season?
    Do you guys think that the florida marlins will be a playoff contending team for the 2011/2012 season? I think what they needed most was relievers. But let me see what you guys think.

    Answer:-they'll have loads of young talent, but i don't see them competing with the braves and phillies
  • Question:-Who designed the Florida Marlins Baseball Team Logo?
    Who is the person responsible for the Florida Marlins Logo? The logo in question is the one with an "F" accompanied by a Marlin fish.

    Answer:-Billy the Marlin.
  • Question:-Why should the Florida Marlins even be in Major League Baseball when they dont spend money to improve themselv?
    Why should the Florida Marlins even be in Major League Baseball, they have an embarrassing payroll, nobody good on their team, the fans are indifferent about the product down there, and Both Florida teams need "New Stadiums>

    Answer:-They look better than the Mets!!

    That's why their going to sweep the Mets out of a playoff spot for the 2nd Straight year!
  • Question:-What do I do with my Florida Marlins paraphernalia when they become the Miami Marlins?
    When the Florida Marlins move to their new stadium in 2012 their name will change to the Miami Marlins.

    Answer:-Keep it, frame it, build a shrine to it. I'm keeping all of mine and am definitely still wearing the clothes that I have. The posters, plaques, and anything else you might have will surely be worth something one day. Either of sentimental value or perhaps even monetary value.
  • Question:-Why does Florida Marlins had the largest attendance in the playoff and World Series?
    Florida Marlins are the lowest payroll team as have the smallest attendance during the regular seasons as average more than 20,000. Florida had more than 67,000 people attend a game in the playoff and World Series in 1997 and 2003.

    Dolphin Stadium has 75,000 seats for football but Marlins has more than 67,000 people to attended the playoff and World Series.

    Answer:-They have the largest stadium capacity of any other MLB team's obviously they would have the highest attendence in the WS.
  • Question:-Where can I find an authentic Florida Marlins jersey in Miami?
    I'm in Miami and need to find an authentic Florida Marlins Jersey by today, any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Answer:-While visiting Miami, stop by one of the reatil sports store inside the bigger malls around the area. They carry the MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA stuff.
    The Dolphin Mall or Aventura Mall should take care of your needs.

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