Friday, November 11, 2011

unc basketball

  • Question:-UNC Basketball?
    Ok, what do you guys think of UNC mens basketball this year?? With 3 more amazing players coming in this year is going to be very exciting. How do you think the tar heels will finish in the ACC and the country? National Champs??

    Answer:-I think that they are definitely going to win the ACC. They are also going to win it all and finish first in the rankings. This is all made possible by the great TYLER HANSBROUGH. They also have Reyshwan Terry who was amazing last year. They have Bobby Frasor who is a pretty good point guard. And if you ask my opinion, they have the best three pointer shooter now in Wes Miller. They also have guys who showed promise last year and that was the double G's(Ginyard and Green). Then you have to take into account the new freshman coming in this year. They have Wayne Ellington and Brandan Wright and these guys are supposed to be the top freshman of the year. How can you not win with this roster.
  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can get a custom UNC basketball court beer pong table?
    I want a custom beer pong table with the unc basketball court painted on it. Does anybody know where i could get one?
  • Question:-Where can I get a custom UNC basketball jersey?
    I am looking for a custom UNC basketball jersey. I want to put someone else's last name on it and I don't really care what the number is. And if this is not possible, or you don't know where I can find it. What would be the best jersey I should buy for my boyfriend for Christmas? Thanks you sooo much!!!!

    Answer:-Go to Chapel Hill or just buy them on eBay.
  • Question:-What happened to UNC Basketball team they got so bad so quick ?
    What happened to UNC Basketball team they got so bad so quick ???
    They won the National Championship JUST Last Year

    Answer:-their WHOLE team left except for Davis and THompson....they are heavy with freshmen and are extremely inexperienced...theyll be ok by next year...theyll probably win the NIT
  • Question:-How do I clean an autographed basketball ? Signed by UNC 93 National Champioship team?
    It is a white and blue UNC logo basketball signed by every player on the 1993 Championship team. Signed in Sharpie I assume. It is 15 years old and wasn't treated as well as it should have been over the years. Im sure I could clean it up with soap and water but I don't want to take a chance with the signatures.

    Answer:-Give it to me and I will clean it for you =]]]] (no homo)
  • Question:-im going to a unc basketball game where can i meet some players or see them i have no tickets?
    I love basketball this is the unc vs duke game so its gonna be packed where are cool places to see some players

  • Question:-How can I find a Vintage UNC basketball jersey?
    I'm trying to find a vintage or 'throwback' UNC jersey:

    Number 00, Eric Montross

    I've tried Ebay, no dice. Any suggestions? Please help!!!

    Answer:-You might check

    If they make it, Johnny T-shirt carries it. You can also check and email them for suggestions.

    Eric Montross was awesome as a player and still is as a local Carolina broadcasters
  • Question:-Does anyone here hate Duke and love UNC basketball?
    Duke is overrated this year. They have no good big man and their coach looks like a rat. UNC has the best player in America in Tyler Hansbrough and Roy is known as a great guy. I was reading articles on Yahoo Sports saying that 6 teams last season were complaining McRoberts and Henderson were playing dirty basketball.

    Answer:-You won't find too many people that love both UNC and Duke. It has been a heated basketball rivalry for years and most fans will love one and hate the other. Since one of my son's went to UNC, and they have all my money, I will have to go with them and agree with you, although coach "K' does no how to put together a winner.
  • Question:-Does anybody know the music in the background of the UNC basketball introduction video at the home games?
    Before the player introductions theres the introduction video that's played on the four bigscreens in the dean dome. I'm looking for the current 2007-2008 song. Thanks

    Answer:-first by i forgot
  • Question:-On average, how much are UNC mens basketball tickets?
    I'm wanting to buy tickets next year for a UNC men's basketball game. Could anybody tell me the average price of a ticket?
    Yes, I know they're all different. But I need examples. & I want the seats to be at least close enough that I can read the numbers on the back of the jerseys. I don't know if that helps any... Just tell me what you know from experience. Thanks.

    Answer:-It all depends at where u want your seat to be located in the staduim/gym

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