Monday, November 7, 2011

gloria allred

  • Question:-What did you think about Gloria Allred and her porn star client talking about Tiger?
    Today, after Tiger Wood's press conference, one of his alleged former mistresses had a press conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred and begged Tier to call her to apologize to her personally. What did you think of this? Does the former porn star have an attorney because she is going to sue Tiger for palimony - she claimed in the press conference that he made her give up her career because he was jealous.

    Answer:-Gloria Allred is a great fighter for the rights of women who have been wronged by evil males like Tiger Woodsman.
  • Question:-How did Gloria Allred get Social Security letter that was addressed to Meg Whitman?
    Is this another Liberal fish story? MS. Allred represents the former maid, did the maid steal the letter?

    Answer:-The Maid took it out of the mail box and kept it,until now.
    Ever heard the word "Blackmail"/
  • Question:-Now Thai Gloria Allred is involved in the Cain situation, will people see how ridiculous these accusations are?
    I mean you know it is bogus if Allred is involved.

    Answer:-Ms. Allred does not become involved with a client unless they can extort someone for at least a million dollars. How very sad.
  • Question:-Should Jay leno apologize to Gloria Allred for the skit he did about her the other night?
    It showed a clip of Gloria at a news conference and she was talking about how her client had been done wrong, but Jay had super imposed a mannequin over the person.

    Answer:-Sounds pretty accurate to me. Allred certainly doesn't give a sh!t about her client.
  • Question:-Is Gloria Allred a conservative or liberal and has her career taken a turn for the worse?
    First the weepy love of Tiger Woods life, turned out to be number 11 and then the poor false id employment agency gal. She can pick em.

    Answer:-Gloria Allred represented New York female firefighter Brenda Berkman who could not pass the strenuous physical test to become a firefighter but sued and won the right to be a firefighter anyway. Berkman had dragged the 150 lb test dummy by the ankles down 5 flights of stairs rather than carry it over her shoulders as the test requires. Allred claimed that by dragging the dummy Berkman was helping it, because smoke rises and the dummy would be getting better air as its head hit every stair on the test.
  • Question:-Why did Gloria Allred want to become a lawyer?
    I'm doing a project and I need to know why she wanted to become a lawyer. Anything will be helpful. Thanks!

    Answer:-I'm sure it just evolved as she progressed through her education. Try googling her and see what you come up with.
  • Question:-Why is Gloria Allred even involved?
    I am not sure I understand why she is even involved in the Meg Whitman issue. Yes, Meg did hire an illegal alien to do work, however the maid falsified documents. Even when they where informed by the SSA they legally can not fire the maid or use that document against the maid in any way. So why is Gloria Allred even involved? If she is just doing it to interfere with an election can she be punished in some way?
    Ok, maybe I should be clearer. Does Gloria Allred have any legal standing that would warrant her involvement?

    Answer:-Liberals will sacrifice ANYONE to promote socialism. Liberals do not care who they must destroy. Even a poor, illegal immigrant can be used as a cannon ball. Liberals only care about themselves and the march toward socialism. Nikki is just a pawn in the liberal world and she will be discarded right after the election.
  • Question:-Gloria Allred has a new program "We the People" where she is a judge. Are her decisions legal?
    Allred is an attorney; she is not a judge.
    Are these cases staged for entertainment?
    Are her decisions binding on the alleged guilty party?
    Is this ethical?

    Answer:-The show features actors but the cases are real. A good friend of mine got cast for the show.
  • Question:-Are Gloria Allred and Sarah Palin competing in a media whore competition?
    If so, who do you think is winning?

    Answer:-Allred won that a long time ago...
  • Question:-Will Gloria Allred go after the couple who employed Obama's illegal alien aunt?
    No. We don't go after the people that hire illegal alien but go after Whitman and the ones who do.

    Answer:-Lol no. Gloria Allred only goes after Republicans. Typical Liberal

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