Monday, November 7, 2011

matt forte

  • Question:-Matt Forte??????????????
    Do you guys think that Matt Forte will be this years Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch. After his impressive debut how good do u think he will do this year. try and give projected season stats.

    Answer:-maybe??? no way to tell till he plays 7 or 8 games now is there???

    so far so good though. after 1 game who knows there have been so many fast starts that fizzled out look at cadillac williams his first 7 games he was amazing and now he's an after thought in tampa.

    even as great as adrian peterson was he did most of his damage in his first 10-12 games and then he hit the rookie season wall and the last 4-6 games were much less productive
  • Question:-MATT FORTe??????????

    Answer:-I am a Chicago fan and I did some research on this Forte guy and I watched some highlights on him he seems like a decent back & looks like he's going to do for us what Cedric Benson couldn't....He displays nice power and tackle breaking ability, which combined with his size and running skills allows him to run inside and outside. He has a big frame and good strength. He can be a downhill runner when he plays with proper pad level and uses his big frame as a battering ram. He has shown good receiving and blocking skills. He does lack elite speed but not all great backs had elite speed. He's a 4.4, 4.5 forty kind of guy
  • Question:-Should I start Justin Gage or Matt Forte this week as my Flex player?
    Should I start Justin Gage or Matt Forte this week as my Flex player?

    I am in a non PPR league - considering Forte is going up against the Steelers should I sit Forte and start Justin Gage? I got Jamal Lewis and Cadillac William as starting RB and Cribbs (we get points on return) and Jennings as WR. So what should I do with my Flex spot? Thanks a ton in advance.

    Answer:-Start Forte...
  • Question:-Would you start Matt Forte or Christopher Ivory for Week 14?
    PPR League

    Matt Forte has been ok most of the season, but he has only given me only a couple of really explosive games. He faces New England this week and we all saw what they did to the Jets on Monday Night Football.

    Christopher Ivory seems to be a good up and comer. He is going against the Rams and the coach has said his ball touches will not decrease with the return of Reggie Bush.

    It is playoff time and I have to make the right decision. Who would you start and why?

    Thanks in advance.

    Answer:-Ivory, the Bears will be down often and early and will pass more
  • Question:-Should I keep Adrian Peterson for fantasy football or trade him for Matt Forte and a number 2 reciever?
    I'm wondering if I should trade AP for Matt Forte and a #2 wide reciever. My league does give points for receptions from running backs so I think Forte would be less likely to get injured and make up for the points lost in rushing yards with his recieving yards. Should I trade AP?

    Answer:-I really like Forte, possibly more than AP. I'd be pretty temped, especially if you're light on your WR. I think you'll see some good consistency with Forte. AP has a new center, and a rookie tackle in front of him now, though I think Farve may open up the throwing threat more to allow Peterson room. I think it really depends on if you're light on WR, it wouldn't take much to push me over!
  • Question:-Should I start Steven Jackson or Matt Forte this week?
    Steven Jackson is playing at St.Louis against Green Bay. Matt Forte is playing at Seattle against Seattle.

    Answer:-Steven Jackson. Forte has been a bust so far this year with only 84 rushing yards so far.
  • Question:-Should I start Matt Forte or Peyton Hillis?
    Matt Forte had a huge week 1, but is not projected to have a great week 2 and Hillis is projected to do huge things this week but hasn't been spectacular yet. Any suggestions?

    Answer:-Forte. Yahoo projections are typically useless. Hillis will most likely splits carries with Harrison; where as Forte should get 70% of the work over taylor, and be a bigger factor in the passing game. Even the Bears get down he should still get plenty of check-downs and garbage yards.

    My opinion, your call.

    Good luck
  • Question:-Should I start Matt Forte or Lasean McCoy in week 1?
    I love matt forte and they are playing the lions in week 1, so I think I should play him.

    Lasean McCoy is going to be a breakout player who will do great just about every game...but they play GB week 1

    what should I do?

    Answer:-I would say start Matt Forte, the reason being is that the bears are playing the Lions, although he didn't play well last year he has shown talent and has been looked good in his pre season games

    LeSean McCoy has a harder defence to face, and the Eagles do like to pass more as they have good targets, although they have a new QB in Kevin Kolb, he is pretty good and the Eagles aren't fully reliant on McCoy

    So i would say Matt Forte!
  • Question:-Should I start matt forte or Julius Jones in fantasy football for week 4?
    Matt Forte is playing a pretty good rush defense against the Lions, but some experts say he is gonna do good. Meanwhile, Julius Jones is raping every team he has played besides the 49ers, and he is playing the Colts, who dont have a very good rush defense (remember Ronnie Brown?). The only problem i have choosing is the fact that matt forte was supposed to do so good, and i dont wanna bench him in his "coming out game"

    Answer:-I go with Julius Jones!!!

    Matt Forte is in a little slump for his sophomore year if I were you, I would try to trade him for someone who is underrated who is productive because most running backs who have a wonderful season slows down the next year!!!

    And Julius Jones is going to get many ball opportunities because there is no matt hasselback
  • Question:-Should I keep Cedric Benson or Matt Forte for my Fantasy Football team?
    I need to decide which one to drop and which one to keep on the bench. Im playing in a small league which is why neither of them would be starting. They would be playing on week 4 and week 9. I know Cedric Benson has more talent, but I feel like the Bengals are too pass orientated. In week 1, Matt Forte scored a lot of points, but Im not sure if he can keep it up.

    Answer:-Keep Matt Forte, he is stronger as he is often looked to for receptions. His production on the ground will be up and down through the season but when it's up he will get you a lot of points and the addition of receiving yards will make it that much better. Cincinnati is, as you said, too pass oriented to give their running back too much of an opportunity to make solid fantasy numbers. Also, the Cincinnati defense will stick their offense in a hole often this season which will make Palmer air it out which will severely cut the production of Benson.

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