Thursday, November 10, 2011

miracle berry

  • Question:-Miracle Berry?
    I am watching neighbours but during the break I switched around the other channels. I watched Richard and Judy and am seeing them have these miracle berries from Africa that make lemons taste like something which I cannot remember, Vineger taste like wine and some other things
    Is anyone else watching it?

    Where can I buy these berries?

    Apparently people have 'miracle berry parties' have you ever been to one???!!

    Answer:-umm....i have no idea what ur talking about...sry
  • Question:-What section of a Japanese drug store could Miracle Berry be found?
    Where in a drug store in Japan could Miracle Berry be found?
    What section of a drug store would it most likely be found in? This goes for either the berries themselves, or in tablet form.

    Answer:-Miracle Berry is unusual in Japan.
    It is not sold in usual drug store.
    The tablet is sold by the mail order.
    The seedling might be able to be bought in a part of gardening shop.
    The fruit arrives to the fruits shop very unusually.
  • Question:-Where can I buy a Miracle Fruit/Berry tree?
    I need a unique gift for my girlfriend for her birthday and I know she is fascinated by the Miracle Berry. Where can I buy a Miracle berry tree? I would prefer the seller to have them already matured, but obviously shipping would be a hassle so whatever I can get would make me happy. Thank you all!

    Answer:-Use the link below. When you get to the page, scroll down to the scientific name that's between the 2 pictures near the top. From there, there's another link that takes you to the price page. Only 1 size available but is in stock. Just keep scrolling past the pictures :)

    What a thoughtful gift! Kudos!
  • Question:-where can i buy miracle berries or miracle berry tablets in canada without ordering online?
    exactly as whats said above, if you dont know what a miracle berry, miracle fruit, or the newer miracle berry tablets are, i highly suggest you search up on them, you wont regret it, i promise.

    Answer:-Try these four places:
  • Question:-Anyone know any miracle berry recipes?
    I just ordered some freezed dried miracle berries and recieved them yesterday. I tried drinking lemon juice after using the miracle berry powder. It really did make the lemon juice taste pretty good.

    However I was wondering if anyone else has used it and has any suggestions for things to try or could point me in the right direction for finding websites that would contain recipes(I haven't found any myself after searching google).

    Answer:-hey guys if you are looking for a freeze dried version of the miracle berries check out I also have a flavor chart on there that shows you what you can eat and the taste effects
  • Question:-Where can I buy Miracle Fruit Berry Berries (Synsepalum dulcificum)?
    If anyone knows how to purchase the actual Miracle fruit berry berries (Synsepalum dulcificum), not the tablets, please post any links or websites. I am interested in large quanties such as wholesale or imports. Turning sour into sweet.

    **featured in NY Times article:

    Dried berries supposedly on sale in Ebay in batches of ten per this site:

    Dried berries again:

    There's too many sites...just Google it..that's what I did.
  • Question:-Is there something like miracle berry fruit tablets for semen?
    I have a big problem with the taste, and I've tried very hard to get used to it. I love my man and I want to please him in any way possible. Can I mask the taste with something?

    And I'm not looking for someone to say that I should just take it like a girl. I've already thrown up because of it, so you can stuff it.

    Answer:-Lots of things can help. For starters, flavoured condoms and flavoured lubricants can mask the taste. Durex sell a wide range of these, and there are many, many other brands.
    If that's not an option that appeals to you, then you should know that the taste of semen entirely depends on the persons diet. Someone who eats a lot of meat, drinks coffee and smokes will have "worse" tasting semen, eating and drinking lots of fruits and vegetables gives it a sweeter taste, pineapple in particular is noted for doing this. By cutting out meat from the diet and eating more fruit, the taste can change significantly in a matter of weeks.
    Do some research online about this, there are lots of foods that improve the taste that you can suggest to your partner.
  • Question:-Kind of Alcohol to drink with Miracle Berry?
    Anyone ever try those miracle berry tablets? and what kind of beer or alcohol tastes good to drink?

    Answer:-It changes the taste of everything. Get a bottle of wine, try it with some cheap boones farm, or a mixed drink. It alters everything so I'd have fun with it and test a few things out.
  • Question:-where do you find a Miracle Berry in pokemon diamond?
    I went to this web site called, Then look for Micle Berry. Is it possible to find this berry?

    Answer:-Micle berries are attached to the TRU shaymin. I have one of those shaymon and have grown a couple dozen berries.
  • Question:-I would like to know everything on the miracle berry ?
    I want to know anything how to raise take care of them can you make wine side effects?

    Answer:-It's a tropical plant. Unless you live somewhere frost-free, you'll have to raise it as a houseplant.

    More here on growing it:

    I've never heard of wine being made from it.

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