Thursday, November 10, 2011

penn state riot

  • Question:-Why won't the cowards at the Four Letter Network call the Penn State riot a riot?
    They "have to be careful" about calling it a riot, they say. Why? What's so wrong about calling a riot a riot? Damn political correctness.

    Answer:-Exactly what I was going to say. All these people trying to be politically correct. My lack of it got me suspended from this site.
  • Question:-Are rioting Penn State students telling us that raping kids is ok as long as their team wins games?

    What does this say about American society?

    Seems like Penn State students are ok with their head coach raping little boys as long as their their team is winning the game where men chase each other around with a ball.

    Is that the message that I am getting?

  • Question:-Any arrests during the penn state 2011 riot?

  • Question:-How much did OWS charge for the Penn State Riots last night?

  • Question:-Business owners: would you hire a Penn State graduate?

    Seems like they'd be an oh-so-wonderful addition to the office.

  • Question:-Are the Penn State satelite campuses also rioting today, or just the main campus?
    Thank gawd I saved my cash and didn't try to transfer to Penn State like a lot of my peers/friends. Needless to say, their high tuition costs are based on the now, shitty reputation of the school. I've heard of riots going down at the main campus, but what about the satellite locations (Berks, Etown, ect)?

  • Question:-Why are the Penn State liberals rioting over the Paterno firing?

  • Question:-Your thoughts on the Penn State student rioting last night?

  • Question:-"Students of Penn State should be rioting over children losing innocence, not a coach losing his job"?
    What is wrong with these college students? Perhaps all of the students who rioted in the streets over this coach's firing should be given detailed lessons in right and wrong as a requirement for their graduation and degree.

  • Question:-Why was it the only way for Penn State students to have their voices heard through riots?
    We pay tuition we get student tickets, the media and everyone they influenced around the country who has nothing to do with Penn State pushed for him to be fired as the scapegoat, no one is even talking about Sandusky anymore. You all found a way to kick an old man when he was already down, hes done so much for this school and he did not deserve this he did nothing wrong.


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