Sunday, November 13, 2011

occupy portland

  • Question:-Does anyone find it hilarious that my friend left Occupy Portland to play Modern Warfare 3 on his Xbox?
    My friend attends college near Portland and he has been dropping in and out of the Occupy protest. But now that Modern Warfare 3 has been out, he's stopped going. I find it ironic how he's against corporations, except the ones he needs or likes.

  • Question:-Why is Portland Police Department whining all over media in fear of Occupy Portland hippies?
    Little girls? I've never heard so much whining since my kitten was locked out of the bedroom.
    @Can't wait until Wells Fargo steals that cash.
    @Bunch of fascists. Would never cross their minds that if they cannot safely remove someone from their own property to just leave them alone. Would never cross the fascists' minds.

  • Question:-I heard the "occupy wallstreet" and "Occupy portland" protests were communists?
    I head the people at the protests had communist demands!

    Is that true?

  • Question:-Why were occupy portland protesters singing "eff the USA" I thought they were anti wall street?

    Answer:-they're just liberals
    who feel
    the world owes them a living
  • Question:-I have a question about Occupy Portland?
    Do the parasites have their own parasites in Occupy Portland

  • Question:-Occupy Portland? October 6th...?
    Think this will get results?

    Answer:-Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine?
    And for what reason?
  • Question:-Occupy Portland. Will they be arrested.?
    gas masks just came out by media.

    think they'll pray the protesters?

  • Question:-have you seen this "Occupy Portland" band singing "F the USA"?

    Answer:-Nope. .
  • Question:-Conservatives, do you hope the police are able to successfully force out the Occupy Portland protesters 2night?
    If so, in light of the GOP debate where almost every candidate came out in favor of allowing the govt. to assassinate U.S. citizens without oversight, along with the right to protest which other rights do you want eliminated from the Constitution?

    So Jamie, people only have the right to protest if the government allows them to by allowing them a permit. By your logic, and I use that term loosely, if the government doesn't agree to give you a permit you cannot protest b/c you will have "outstayed" your permit. So you are in favor of completely eliminating most of the First Amendment, which I can guarantee you have never read.
    James K, is this a parody of a retarded conservative, or do you actually write like that?

  • Question:-is it legal to carry a gun in the state of oregon?
    Juuuuust curious, was debating with somebody. My understanding is that it is completely legal as long as it is in plain sight. Like for example i could go walking around downtown with an .22 slung over my shoulder. I also saw a video on the news of someone carrying an AK47 downtown Portland with all this "Occupy Portland" stuff going on.


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