Sunday, November 13, 2011

frank gore

  • Question:-Frank Gore?
    Should I start Frank Gore this week vs. the Seahawks his status is questionable

    Answer:-Frank Gore is a game time decision this week. Unless you have Hicks, Robinson, or Morris to substitute in if he doesn't play Monday, you're better off sitting him this week.
  • Question:-If Frank Gore does not play Sunday who should I start?
    I'm in playoffs, so if Frank Gore does not play Sunday who should I start?

    Jamal Lewis V. Eagles

    Le'Ron McClain v. Steelers

    Dominic Rhodes v. Lions

    My other back is Deangelo Williams, so I just need one of the 3 to just put up decent numbers.

    Answer:-Dominic without question. He is going against a defense that has allowed 23 touchdowns to running backs. Also addai will not play so much cause he is a little bruised and the colts wouldnt risk just that close to playoffs. So start dominic
  • Question:-Should I start Chris Johnson and Lendale White against Cleveland, over Frank Gore against the Jets?
    Frank Gore has done crap in recent weeks and the Jets have a great run D. What should I do?

    Answer:-Yes. Johnson and White are a great tandem and have a decent matchup against the browns. Gore, although a featured back, hasn't been stellar recently and you're right in saying the Jets have a good D. Also you know the Jets will take an early lead and SF will have to throw.
  • Question:-Should I start Frank Gore or Maurice Jones Drew?
    I can start three RB I have Thomas Jones, Ricky Williams, Frank Gore and Maurice Jones Drew. All four are good, but how has the best match ups.

    Answer:-Maurice Jones Drew :)
  • Question:-Which running back should i start for fantasy football in week 3? Frank Gore or Pierre Thomas?
    I know the obvious answer would be said to be Frank Gore, but I'm thinking Pierre Thomas might ball out considering Reggie Bush is hurt. Gore is playing against the chiefs and Thomas against the falcons.

    Answer:-You have to go with Thomas. As you have pointed out Bush is out hurt. Thomas is going to have many more touches this week and has potential to score big points!!
  • Question:-Fantasy football trade!Should i trade frank gore for darren mcfadden and the balimore ravens defense?
    Should i trade frank gore for darren mcfadden and the balimore ravens defense? a two for 1 trade what do you guys think is it worth it? tell me why?

    Answer:-The Ravens wont be the same this year as previous years and Darren McFadden has no fantasy value. His turf toe injury won't go away, it needs complete rest for a long period of time so an off-season won't fully heal it. Expect him to play 5-8 games this season before being sidelined. In them 5-8 weeks the raiders offense don't have the penetration to get him many yards either.

    Stay well away from this trade.
  • Question:-Who should I start hthis week at rB, Joeseph Addai, Frank Gore, or Marshawn Lynch?
    Joeseph Addai plays the Pats
    Frank Gore plays the Falcons
    Marshawn Lynch plays the Bengals
    I can start 2 or the 3, this is for fantasy football if you can't figure that out.
    2 of the 3 i mean.

    Answer:-The other two have easier match-ups, but I think Addai is going to be a key part of what the Colts are going to try to do on Sunday - they'll try to run the ball a lot to keep the Patriots offense off the field. And he's the most talented of the three. So it'd be hard to bench him.
  • Question:-How does frank gore do next year?
    Its a definite option for San Francisco to allow Frank Gore to take over the team. But how will he do

    Answer:-he'll do good if he gets an offensive line. if not, expect same #'s as this year.
  • Question:-Week 2, Fantasy Football Who should I start Frank Gore, Arian Foster, or Ahmad Bradshaw?
    I can only start 2 RB I really like Arian Foster and Ahmad Bradshaw this week. Frank Gore plays the Saints but he is a stud so I feel bad sitting him, let me know if this is a good move.

    Answer:-I think Foster is a lock until he gets shut down consistently. You don't get 200+ and 3tds if you suck. I like Gore. Even though the O for Minnesota was shaky, Peterson still got 100+ total yards against New Orleans. Gore will get his touches and yards. I think he has more upside.
  • Question:-Who is the better runningback, Frank Gore or Marion Barber?
    Frank Gore from the 49ers went to the Pro Bowl 2 years ago in his sophomore season, and lead the NFC in rushing yards that year. Marion Barber went to the Pro Bowl last year, and is the primary starter for the Cowboys this year.

    Answer:-Frank Gore. He's stronger, gives a slight bit of speed up but has a knack for finding holes, and he can also play the role of a WR much better than Barber.

    Did you see just how "good" Barber was against a very tough defense in the New York Giants that likes to send heat? He did just awful. He wouldn't have put up 1700 yards playing for San Francisco two years ago with the 49ers line.

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