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lisfranc injury

  • Question:-Can you run with screws in you foot after a lisfranc injury?
    I suffered a Lisfranc injury late last year. My surgeon wants to leave the screws in my foot (3 of them). Can anyone tell me is it possible to run and mountain climb again with screws remaining in my foot. Someone else out there has had to deal with this. Thanks

    Answer:-You should ask your Doctor this question. I would say no from people I know who have had this surgery. But your Doctor may say yes, with certain precautions. But I wouldn't do any of those things until you have cleared it with him. I'm fairly sure that he would be able to send you to a Physio that would make you able to run again but again, I would not even try running until you have cleared it with him. Getting the surgery is usually not the last step in the healing process.
  • Question:-I have 2 questions about a lisfranc injury (with 3 screws put in)?
    1. My foot is swollen and still hurting 8 weeks after the injury happened. The doctor said it was fine to walk and put weight on.......Is there anything i can do to stop the pain or should i see a doctor and get it checked again.
    2. I want to know how long it will take for my foot to fully recover at the moment i cant walk far.....And it sucks cause i love walking.

    Answer:-It is not unusual to have some residual swelling at this stage but it should be down from after the surgery. If it is still significantly swollen then the trip to the doctor is needed. If you are uncomfortable and want a direct answer to the questions you have then speak to the surgeon for that person was the only one working on the foot. The more you use it the more the pain will start to decrease. As for walking I suggest that you try walking in a swimming pool. Go to a level where the water is chest high and then walk. This will reduce the amount of stress on the foot by about 40%. As the foot get less painful start walking in slightly shallower water. Continue this until you are able to walk around in ankle deep water without problems. Also ride a stationary bike but don't use much resistance to the flywheel.
  • Question:-Does this sound like a Lisfranc injury?
    I slipped in a puddle of water in front of my fridge. Having hardwood floors, the motion was VERY fast and smooth. Can't tell exactly how I landed on my foot but I'm 5'8 and weigh 175 lbs.
    No pain in or near ankle. The EXCRUCIATING pain was across the top of the midfoot just before it's widest points. There is slight bruising on the underside of foot on side of big toe and top side of foot on side of pinkie toe. Horrible pain to move toes at all. This pain radiated up to my knee with the most severe point being behind the knee. Oddly, there was only slight pain when the injury first occurred and over the next 2 hours became absolutely unbearable causing me extreme embarrassment in the ER as I was literally writhing and crying in pain. No fracture seen. UNBELIEVABLE to me!!! But I was surprised when the ortho tech came in and applied a soft cast/half cast/splint thing up to my knee. This happened on 7/20 and I will call doc monday for f/u. Lisfranc was my own guess not doc

    Answer:-It seems that you are already convinced that it is!
  • Question:-lisfranc injury, I have surgury in 1 week, need help?
    My name is chazz and I am 16 years old. Im very good at snowboarding and will be entering the Dew Tours and if I win those ill will be invited to the x-games. But as I post this serious question now 4 hours ago I landed on my foot wrong and went threw the worst pain in my life. 20 minutes after injury I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a separation,dislocation, and torn I guess but lisfranc injury. My MRI is this friday and the following wednesday I have surgery. snowboarding school starts in 4 months will i be able to heal fully by then. are there any PT i could do to make it better and how really severe is this type of injury. I would love for someone that has experienced this injury or knows anything about it . please Im not dealing with this to well and its getting to me very mentally.

    Answer:-Everyone heals at a difference pace so we can't say how long before you heal but most people heal in 4-6 months. I would drink lots of milk to get extra calcium in the bones so it has plenty of calcium for healing. Also get some Vitamin B Complex, it helps tissue, tendons, etc to heal faster. Take as directed on the bottle, no more, just as directed. Ask you Dr how long before it heals, they know more than anyone.
  • Question:-One of my friends said I might have a Lisfranc injury but I can mmove my toes/flex. bruised foot not toes heel

    Answer:-The Lisfranc joint is the midfoot joint (not toes or heal). A Lisfranc injury could mean sprain, dislocation or fracture of the joint. If a Lisfranc sprain is minor, you would still have full function of your foot, just painful movement. If it is a true Lisfranc injury, you may need a cast or surgery.

    Check out the information at Foot and Ankle Physicians:

    You should see an orthopedist who specializes in the foot and ankle for a proper diagnosis (a diagnosis from your "friend" is nowhere near enough).
  • Question:-Do you think it's a lisfranc injury?
    A few weeks ago I was doing my usual 4 mile run then some jumping rope after. I think I was doing it wrong though, I was new to jump rope and was jumping on my toes almost (between my toes and the balls of my feet), which created this pain in the middle of my foot at the top. Now a few weeks on I still have it, just as bad, Haven't seen a doc at all, just went for a 20 minute walk and it was feeling quite sore for some reason. I'm really worried because I want to get back to training ASAP.I'm 19 if it makes any difference.

  • Question:-Does anyone have info about lisfranc injuries?
    I injured myself in mid July but no fracture noted. After going to a specialist 2 weeks ago it was diagnosed as a lisfranc injury. I was then told to wear the camboot till 9-28 and then take it from there. Well, when I went 2 weeks ago the majority of my pain had dissipated but I knew something was wrong being it did still hurt 6 weeks later but NOW 2 weeks after being in the boot, my foot is hurting quite a bit again!!! What happened? And now I no longer have hope that the boot will work. I'm pretty sure there is going to be further SOMETHING......possible surgery the doctor said with screws and pins .......AND THERE ISNT EVEN A VISIBLE FRACTURE!!! What is up with that!!! How can this be soo BIZARRE!!! Please help with ANY info about this injury you might have.

    Answer:-Have a look at your other question about lisfranc foot injuries. I'm sure I've posted an answer for you.

    yeah - here it is
  • Question:-foot injury please help?
    okay i went to the doctor yesterday and he said he thinks i have a lisfranc injury and thinks i might need surgery i was wondering if anyone has had this injury before i have taken a picture of my foot to show u what it looks like it doesn't show the swelling very well though. My symptoms are sever pain in mid-foot and sometimes my big toe goes numb my foot is somewhat bruised and i cannot put any weight on it all all with out it hurting like hell and my foot has got wide my foot also has some discoloration sometimes here is the photo it is the one on the left

  • Question:-Does an injury requireing the black boot hurt worse then before when you remove it?
    6 weeks ago I injured my foot. No fracture. Lisfranc sprain its called and now I'm in a black boot thing. I was only having having minimal pain before the boot it had been so long but after only half a day now of this thing I took it off to drive my son somewhere and it hurt like hell!!!!

    Answer:-Two things commonly happen with the CAM walker...or "black boot."

    1. We really forget how much pain we were 6 weeks ago and now we think it is "worse," when it may not necessarily be so.

    2. The patient wears the boot for 6 weeks which allows the sprain to heal. Yet, in the meantime, other components of the foot/ankle complex begin to tighten because the CAM walker alters our mechanics so that we do not necessarily need to use our range of motion to capacity. Therefore, when the patient comes out of it and resumes normal mechanics or walking and activity (such as driving a car), these "tightened" structures are called upon. These resrictions frequently cause sharp pain, especially across the top of the ankle because the normal biomechanics between the talus and talar dome have becomed tightened. It may take some time...a few days perhaps, for this to feel significantly better. If it does not, return to your orthopedist who may refer you to physical therapy to mobilizes the sub-talar joint.
  • Question:-Considering chiropractic treatment for a Lisfranc's Fracture that occurred almost a year ago.?
    On July 27, 2008 I missed a step while walking into our basement. I thought I could just "walk it off," but after a few weeks, I realized that I needed to get some treatment. Treatment was delayed until December because we adopted a baby boy and I didn't have time to think about my foot. In mid-Dec. I got a boot. I wore the boot for three months. In the middle of that time, I had an MRI that suggested the Lisfranc's Fracture was still present and there was damage to the tendon that is below my ankle. The doctor said no surgery was needed. I wore the boot for six more weeks. Then the doctor put me in a fiberglass cast for six weeks. The cast came off and I did 4 weeks of physical therapy. There has been no change in pain level (it still hurts when I walk on it and even as I'm sleeping) and my ankle is continually swollen. The doctor now says surgery is the only other option. I'd like to consider chiropractic treatment for this injury instead of going the route of surgery. Has anyone had success with chiropractic treatment for Lisfranc's Fracture?

    Answer:-The best thing you can do is see a competent osteopath who is trained in manipulation therapy (I know one in the bay area, and depending on where you live, I might be able to find someone in your area). Surgery is completely uncessary for your condition, however very few allopathic doctors are familiar with adjustment treatments.
    While I advocate seeing an osteopath, I'm really not sure if a chiropractor would be able to fix this type of problem or if they'd make it worse. It's not within their standard treatment system and I've never talked to someone that saw a chiropractor for this.

    Alternatively, while it won't fix the problem completely, if you buy some DMSO and apply it to the area it will get rid of the inflammation, pain and heal some of the tissue damage. If you couple that with not walking on it for a while it may fix itself on it's own.
    If you actually want to go the DMSO route, message me and I'll tell you the big things you need to watch for with that.
    Hope that helps!

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