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  • Question:-Is pacquiao on steroids? And who do you think will win in a fight pacquiao or mayweather?
    Do you think manny is on steroids or PED's ? And who do you think will win in a boxing match mayweather or pacquiao?

    Answer:-"Pacquiao on steroid" was the allegationsmade by Mayweathers and after more than two years, they failed to present even the smallest evidence that Pacquiao is on steroid. Dela Hoya who joined the Mayweathers in this accusation against Pacquiao had already asked forgiveness since they could not proved that Pacquiao is on PEDs. Floyd Sr who started this allegation was blaming Mayweathers' fans for taking seriously this supposed "joke". His family is now in hot water and now facing legal suit in court of law.

    Having said the above, ONLY fools and stupid people would believe the Mayweathers in this accusation.

    If you are stupid, then believe it.
  • Question:-What if Pacquiao was a black guy, would he be the favorite son among African Americans over Mayweather?
    Pacquiao defied the odds by being a non-Hispanic, non-black fighter to be recognized universally as the best fighter in the world. However, there are many radical racially motivated people who criticize him for beating Hispanic fighters and avoiding black fighters. What would happen if Pacquiao fit in that majority category, given to the fact that the white people of boxing are Hispanics and blacks, while Asians and others are the minority.

    Answer:-An analogy...
    If you MUST vote but don't follow politics and you were would probably vote for McCain...on the other side of the "ying-yang'"
    If you were black , you would probably vote for Obama......
    However, if you knew a lot about politics...then you would "weigh" the difference and choose the best candidate for the job at hand...

    To answer your question...
    If you chose 100 blacks that were not exactly loyal boxing fans...I think they would choose PBF...
    But 100 blacks that are loyal boxing fans...I think they would pick Manny over PBF...
    So I guess it depends on whether they are boxing fans or not....and not by their race.....
  • Question:-What are your opinions on the pacquiao vs clottey fight?
    1. What are your opinions on the pacquiao vs clottey fight?

    2. What do you think should have been the strategy of clottey to beat pacquiao via knock-out?

    3. What do you think should have been the strategy of pacquiao to beat clottey via knock-out?

    Answer:-People like OCEANV give boxing fans a bad rep. I can't look at a Pacquiao question without seeing someone bring up Floyd Mayweather! this douchebag didn't even ANSWER THE QUESTION! I'm sick of it. & you should be a UFC fan if you think Mayweather's fights are boring. he doesn't run, he can stand in front of you and make you miss every punch you throw and land counters on top of that. If you think Mayweather is boring, then you must think the same about Pernell Whitaker, Willie Pep, Wilfred Benitez etc. And "Grandpa Mosely" is still a top contender. He dominated Margarito and KO'd Mayorga. HE actually has a chance to beat FM, if you knew a lick about boxing, you'd know that. Unlike Clottey...Clottey was the perfect fight for Pacman, all he does is stand there with his hands up, he can't counter punch to save his life, and his lateral movement is trash. sure he has decent power and a good chin, but a good chin doesn't win fights.

    Now to answer the question, what over half of these Pactards failed to do....

    1) Like everyone else, I thought it was extremely one-sided. Clottey's style was the perfect match for Pacquiao's. I predicted weeks before the fight that Clottey would just stand there as Pacquiao pummeled him. Pacman is a volume puncher, & since it seemed that Clottey's main objective was to not get knocked out instead of winning, Pacquiao went to Clottey's body whenever he was in a gaurd. Pacman threw over 1200 punches (over 100 punches a round) while Clottey threw 399. a landslide to say the least. And all of the Pactards who dont know squat about boxing, thought Clottey was going to get KO'd within rounds 1-7...I said from the beginning Pacman couldn't KO Clottey, he covers his face too well and his chin is cast iron. if anything the ref would have stopped it with Pacman leaving with a TKO. but this fight was very predictable.

    2) SET UP WITH THE JAB!!! Clottey had the reach advantage, he should've used that to his advantage and broke Pacman down with his jab to set up for big hooks to the body and head. he covered up way too much, and he has very little head movement. when Pacman went on his Punching Flurry, Clottey shouldn't just stand there with his hands up, he should've moved his feet and head while making him miss. When boxers miss a punch and hit nothing, it drains them more than if they were to hit your guard. Also Clottey should learn to counter, there were ample opportunities for Clottey to come back with a lead-right during or after one of Pacman's flurries. Another thing that could've helped Clottey is to WRAP UP, like Holyfield did to Tyson, or Ali did to Foreman. after Clottey lands a combo, like his famous right to the body & left to the head, wrap pacman up before he can respond, then push him off. this would've frustrated Pacman and tired him out as well (ala Tyson & Foreman).

    3) I dont think there was much more Pacman could do. He out-punched Cottey 3 to 1, and he backed him against the ropes constantly. he also went to Clottey's body to open Clottey up when he was guarding his face, something you're supposed to do. The only thing that could've possibly helped Pacman get a KO or TKO was to land more uppercuts, alot of times there's a whole in Clottey's gaurd that leaves an opening for a looping hook or a hard uppercut, jabs and crosses can't really penetrate it.
  • Question:-Who does Pacquiao need to fight in order to become the greatest boxer?
    The chances of Pacquiao fighting another match after Mayweather (if possible) seems extremely slim at this point, but let's imagine that he chooses to continue fighting instead of doing politics. Besides Mayweather who else would he need to beat in order to become this era's greatest boxer? Would he have to move up weight and defeat bigger boxers to claim that status?

    Answer:-To become the greatest boxer in this era, Pacquiao needs to continue to perform as he has throughout this decade. The accolades are there and the public just needs time to wrap the minds around what Pacquiao has done. He has obtained a record 7 world titles in 7 seperate weight divisions. NO ONE in the history of boxing has accomplished this, and he will be recognized as the era's greatest boxer when time passes. Pacquiao will SOLIDIFY becomming the greatest boxer EARLIER if he continues to fight the best fighters WILLING to fight him. The only fighter worthy of fighting Pacquiao is Mayweather, and he'll find an excuse not to fight or wait till Pacman is past his prime. Cotto is old news. Margarito has suffered a nasty beating, but will put money in Top Rank's bank account. Berto is a champion but does not deserve a shot at Pacquiao. He is just a strong opponent in his weight class and everyone seems to think he is great. Williams last performance was horrible against a no body, but he needs to come down in weight. Martinez is too heavy and the fight would have to be at a catch weight. It doesn't make sense for Pacquiao to give up that much leverage. He will be considered the best of this era sooner or later, and Mayweather will be considered a close 2nd who had great tangibles, but did not fight other top fighters in their prime. Time is all Pacquiao needs...
  • Question:-Are Mayweather and Pacquiao fans to scared to criticize their fighters because of what others think?
    Im a little critical about Sergio wanting to fight Chavez so bad when he could fight Pirog. But Pacquiao and Mayweather fans act like their fighters can't do wrong. And I just want to know if it's because you guys are scared of what others might think or if you really think your fighters really never make mistakes?
    Lol @ Wizard a little to critical man.

    Answer:-No, if I'm a big fan of a certain fighter or sports team, then I'm also a big critic of them. I want them to be the best that they can be.

    Pavlik is one of my favorite fighters around, and I'm not afraid to say he is an idiot for pulling what he did this week.

    Floyd is my favorite fighter, and I don't hesitate to criticize his questionable behavior outside of the ring. He does on occasion act like a douche and make bad decisions. He doesn't fight nearly enough, and being a huge fan of his, these are things I have a problem with. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm not afraid to point them out.

    I don't criticize these guys everyday over their issues, because I can't make Floyd fight or make Pavlik lay off the bottle. If it's something that is a big topic and being discussed a lot, I'll criticize anyone if I feel it's necessary. Even if I don't criticize, I definitely won't defend someone if what they did was wrong.
  • Question:-How can Pacquiao prevent himself from being counter punched to death by Mayweather?
    Jim Lampley said at the end of the Mayweather vs. Mosley fight that throwing more punches only creates more opportunities for a excellent counter puncher. We all saw Marquez capitilize off the counter punches of Pacquiao. What will Pacquiao be able to do to prevent being countered.

    Answer:-You are dreaming.

    How would your lil Floyd counter when he ain't fighting Manny? I mean the chicken is running away dawg. She's shaking scared. Please
  • Question:-Who here thinks that Pacquiao has won the fight already, because Mayweather is obviously afraid to fight him?
    If Mayweather is so sure he would lose and is being a sore loser, than is Pacquiao the winner, especially since the fight is no longer happening?

    Answer:-Yeah when you have to resort to dirty tactics like what Mayweather is doing, you may actually believe that your opponent has a chance to beat you. And in boxing, such thoughts and mental states are not good if you are actually trying to win a fight.
  • Question:-What if Pacquiao pays Marquez outright and pursue the Mayweather fight, would Mayweather do the same?
    Mayweather only makes noise when Pacquiao is occupied. When Pacquiao is available, he's not thinking boxing.
    Floyd Jr and fans' excuse: Money needs a tune-up fight...
    @Red Boy
    If Pacquiao is so one dimensional as you always point out, why would Mayweather need a tune up fight for a one dimensional fighter?

    Answer:-For as long as Pacquiao is fighting, PBF will only do tune up matches. That's his way of keeping his image in the limelight. When PAC is available, he's nowhere in sight and his mouth is silent. He can't even say Pacquiao's name unless it's a derogatory remark.
  • Question:-If Pacquiao fights Cotto in a rematch would you seriously make excuses for it?
    He already beat Miguel in almost every round, why the heck would he fight him in a rematch? I would be finished with pacquiao. Fighting Clottey, Margarito, Mosley and then Cotto again WTF?

  • Question:-Philippine polls suggest Pacquiao is actually doing well as a Congressman, did we underestimated him?
    A lot of people say because Pacquiao has no college education and political experience that he would be incapable. But most people in Sarangani Province have a favorable view of Pacquiao as their Congressman. Many Filipino senators and congressmen have also said they underestimated Pacquiao's political skills. Pacquiao went back to college and also has attended sessions for political trainings and optional conventions for courses in political science and law.

    Answer:-I notice that too and to be honest, I was surprised that unlike other traditional politician, he is true to his words or promises. I never expect that and I thought he would change and adopt the dirty political life. Education is a plus in life not just as a public servant but a honest and clean intention is a more valuable trait. Politics is a dirty game where you can find the wiliest double face scumbags in the planet. You can seldom find an honest politician. Most of them are the worst creature that ever sprouted in the face of the Earth but those honest one that we can find were also the best contribution to humanity.

    Manny Pacquiao as a politician was underrated. He might not be able to debate on the floor of the Congress of the Philippines but his achievement in such a short time being there is more than enough to prove his intentions, that is to serve. His accomplishment in the province of Sarangani far outdone those previous officials who holds the position for decades. Not only in his district but also to the athletes of the Philippines who are now receiving benefits because of him.

    It would be a plus if these noble deeds was supported by education, maybe he can serve more but on the other hand if Manny was a professional, he won't be a boxer and maybe a struggling employee earning merger amount for day to day expenses. Life is a mystery where things happen in a very strange way.

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