Monday, November 14, 2011

hunger games trailer

  • Question:-What is the song in the new Hunger Games trailer?
    Does anyone know the trailer music playing in the beginning of the Hunger Games trailer that premiered at the VMA's? It starts when Katniss begins to run.

    Answer:-Call for Heroes by Pierre Gerwig Langer
  • Question:-Who is reporting my Hunger Games trailer question?
    If you don't like the Hunger Games or something that's your business, but why do you keep reporting my question about when the trailer will get out? It's rude and two have been deleted so far...I just want to know when it'll come out just mind your own business and stop reporting it for no reason please

    Answer:-The trailer is already out. It's only a small one, with very little footage, because the movie is not due out until March and they haven't filmed it all yet. Personally, I think the trailer is great! Katniss looks awesome without makeup, and Gale's voice over is very cool. Not to mention the Mockingjay on fire at the ending. Very thrilling to watch.

    The link is on my profile.
  • Question:-When will there be a hunger games trailer?
    There are trailers for Batman, spiderman and ghost rider. When will a hunger games trailer be shown

    Answer:-No one can be a hundred percent sure but at latest, December.
    It's predicted to come out somewhere around November.
    Can't wait till the movie comes out!

    ----- EDIT------
    The teaser trailer will be out on Sunday's MTV VMA's!
    Just announced today :D
  • Question:-What is the song playing during the new Hunger Games trailer?
    It might be the same song during the whole trailer, but the good part starts at 1:16.

  • Question:-When does the OFFICIAL Hunger Games trailer come out?
    I know that the movies is far away in march but when does the trailer come out. Im not talking about the teaser.

    Answer:-I have heard that it will be released as a Preview with Breaking Dawn, which seems likely as both book series were big teen hits, and hence the right audience will be in the theater.
  • Question:-When will The Hunger Games movie trailer come out?
    I really want to know when the trailer of The Hunger Games comes out. Anyone know a date?

    Answer:-Idk but I wanna know. Probably in November
  • Question:-What time will the Hunger Games trailer be played on good morning america?
    I need to be at school by 7:50 am and I wanted know if I would be able to see it before school or if I would have to watch it after school? I live on the west coast so could it already be on the internet by the time I have to go to school?
    Not the teaser the real trailer!

  • Question:-What do you think of The Hunger Games trailer?
    I LOVE IT!!! Effie is perfect, the Capitol is cunningly charming, and the actors resemble the characters so much!

  • Question:-When will The Hunger Games trailer be released?
    I heard a rumor that it will be attached to the new twilight movie, but I don't trust the source. Does anyone know when it will be released? I'm very impatient.

    Answer:-The official trailer has not been released yet, so any trailers people tell you about are stricty FAN MADE. The trailer does not have an official release date, but we can only guess. I would say a teaser-trailer will come out around November. The actual trailer may come out during Christmas season, so people will see it when they go to see holiday movies. But it may not, considering theyre still filming the movie. If not Christmas, it will definitely be early 2012.
    The movie's official release date is: March 23, 2012.

    Hope that helped!

  • Question:-When is The Hunger Games movie trailer the official one coming out?
    I am obsessed with the hunger games and was wondering when the OFFICIAL movie trailer coming out I cant wait thank you so much :)

    Answer:-There is no date for the trailer to come out, but they did set a date for the release of the movie in theatres: March 23, 2012.
    I'm guessing the trailer will come out November or December.. could be earlier or later. I'm really excited to see it :)

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