Sunday, November 20, 2011

vince young

  • Question:-Vince Young?
    How good do you think vince young will be in the 07-08 season, and do you think we would be a good fantasy selection?

    Answer:-VY is a champion, a true player pure and simple. He has assumed the leadership role on a very young team that has experienced some offseason issues ranging from PacMan's problems to Lendale wanting to play lineman. hahahahhahahhaha Well he did shoot up to 260 something lbs. Young is tough. He is a hardworker and has taken all of the issues this year with great stride. Losing Drew Bennett and other recievers certainly didn't do anything to improve the situation in Nashville. I am hoping he can develop a chemistry with who he has. There are still some pretty talented young guys on this Titan's team like Ben Troupe at TE, recently acquired reciever Justin Gage (whom played with a similar style qb at Mizzou), and veteran David Givens has the oppurtunity to be a star. Win a trophy with another franchise.

    Defense should be better. Kyle Vanden Bosch is a monster and big Haynesworth won't be missing too many games this year, God willing. Nick Harper from the Colts may be just what the doctor ordered in these rough times without PacMan. Also, hopefully, Michael Griffin could pan out. Though he has a lot to prove he was worth that first round draft choice.

    I don't think the Titans and Vince will just flounder. I believe the team will struggle. They play in a divison with the Colts and Jaguars. I think these rough years though is what will make the Titans a force to reckon with in the future. Vince will be able to build chemistry this year with a lot of younger guys as eager to win as he is.
  • Question:-vince young?
    what exactly happened to vince young? i know it was a quad injury...anyone see it, was it bad....and i know the madden curse, but thats not the answer i want, described what happened please

    Answer:-He got knocked out of bounds. It really wasn't anything you could see. Leg muscle injuries are funny. Sometimes you can play with them. Sometimes you miss a couple of games. Sometimes it will affect you until next season.
  • Question:-How long will it take for Vince Young to win a superbowl?
    Maybe if the titans would have started Vince Young early in the season the Titans might have made playoffs this year. I don't think they would have gone this year though.

    Answer:-Vince Young to the SuperBowl.

    It is a possiblity. I believe it will take at least 2 more full seasons. First he will need some playoff expereince. Also in two years he can become comfortable with the offensive playbook as well as become better at reading coverages.

    And finally this will all be dependent on the owner/coaches personal decisions. Good players, Good coaches, equals good team.
  • Question:-How much can a officially signed Vince Young football be sold for?
    I have a official Vince Young football signed by him and i want to sell it and see how much i get out of it.

    Answer:-Name a price. If nobody wants it you asked too much.
  • Question:-What do you think of the possibility of Vince Young going to the Arizona Cardinals?
    What do you think of the possibility of Vince Young going to the Arizona Cardinals? Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston need a good QB, and I believe Vince is that guy.

    Answer:-I believe there's a pretty good chance. He won't be too expensive like McNabb, and I bet the Cardinals will be looking for just about anything. Young has had some success and deserves the full confidence of an organization to go out and play 16 regular season games (if healthy of course) before he is written off. The Cardinals are definitely in a position to give him that opportunity.
  • Question:-Vince young.?
    Vince is tough but will he come back. i know he will but what do you think.

    Answer:-Yeah i know he will, and every QB in the NFL has a green dot on the back of there helmet.
  • Question:-If you had Alex Smith and Vince Young, who would you start in week 1?
    Vince Young plays against the Jags defense and Alex Smith plays the Cards, who would you play for that game only?

    Answer:-Dude, I have this exact same QB situation and drafted on purpose that way. I plan on platooning them all season this way. It is hands down Smith against Cards in week 1.

    wk 2 = smith
    wk 3 = young
    wk 4 = smith
    wk 5, 6, 7 = young
    wk 8 = toss up, whoever is better at this point
    wk 9 - 12 = Smith
    week 13 = young
    week 14 = young
    week 15 = toss up
    week 16 = smith

    there, you got the whole season matched. What is awesome is the tough defense and soft defenses line up perfectly. What is bad, well Young has no weapons around him so I hoping he can play well against the soft defenses.

    Good luck.
  • Question:-Should i start joe flacco or vince young?
    I have been starting joe flacco but he has not been delivering. I am thinking of starting vince young because he is projected to score more and he is playing the Giants which did pretty bad in defense last week?
    Any Help?

    Answer:-vince young for sure
  • Question:-When will Vince Young start for the Titans?
    Tennesee Titans is winless this season, I think they should bench aging Kerry Collins, because I think Vince Young can led the Titans to wins.

    Answer:-Well, owner, Bud Adams has made it known that he wants Vince Young playing, now.
  • Question:-Can I drop Vince Young and pick Jay cutler?
    Can I drop Vince Young and pick Jay cutler for the rest of the season?

    I have Matt Schab and Brian Griese in my roster.

    Who do I start for week5? Matt Schab or pick Jay Culter and use him?

    Answer:-I think you should start Vince against banged up Atalanta. Cutler is going against SD Def. Add/drop Cutler for Vince after the game.

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