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matt schaub

  • Question:-Matt Schaub?
    Seems like alot of "anaylist" are raving about Matt Schaub's Potential to be a starter, and many are predicting that he will be traded in the off-season, due to his restricted free agent contract expiring. I've seen Schaub perform on the field, and I must say I'm impressed, but only to a certain extent. Which team do you think he will be traded to?

    Maybe the Oakland Raiders? I don't think Mr. Davis will draft a QB, but he might take a chance on trading for Matt Schaub....but then again....maybe not...

    Perhaps the Cleevland Browns?....They might take a chance on drafting hometown favorite Troy Smith, but the last thing the Browns need is another inexperiecned QB. so trading for Matt Schaub might make sense.

    Any other teams in mind?...what do you think? ((calling all my yahoo anaylist))

    Answer:-I'd say Oakland is out of the picture. I'd say Oakland is hands-down the team that most needs a high-potential prospect at quarterback, especially one that's spent a couple years in the NFL (albeit mainly on the bench). I'd even go so far as to say it would be an excellent fit for both sides, given that Schaub would likely start immediately and the Raiders would finally have a passing threat. With all that said, the Raiders won't do it, because they're... well, the Raiders. Al Davis seems to love taking a chance on guys who are just slightly past their prime or have had questionable performances in other venues. Schaub probably isn't even a blip on their radar. Damon Huard will end up a Raider before Schaub will.

    I'm a Falcons fan and I like Schaub. I think he's a great prospect who could have bigtime QB potential. I don't want to see him in another jersey next year, because let's face it - say he's as good as some of the analysts think - the Falcons are already hearing it about taking Vick ahead of LT. What if Schaub is the next Favre, or Brady? I mean, we already let the last Favre go!

    I think the teams looking to actually sign Schaub could be the Raiders (but it won't happen), the Lions and maybe even Jacksonville. I think the Panthers will be interested as well, but Schaub would likely be relegated to a backup role there for a couple of years, and I think he's looking for a starting gig.

    Odds are, he's in a Lions uniform to start the season. Will be great to see what he'll be like in that offense - I think with the right QB, that team will be tough to defend.

    I bet Plummer is wearing silver and black pretty soon...
  • Question:-Should I start Kyle Orton or Matt Schaub for Week 6 for fantasy?
    Denver is playing a great defensive team this week NYG, but so is Matt Schaub. KC defended pretty good againt the Colts last week. Klye Orton did put up some point even against the Ravens last week.

    Answer:-Don't over think this. Stick with Orton until either A. Shaub shows he is the QB we've known him to be when healthy, right now he's flat or B. Orton proves us wrong. He will produce regardless of the matchup.

    As for Bill's comments: Are those your rankings? And what's with the paragraphs on Cutler and Favre? They have nothing to do with the question that was asked. Did you cut and paste those responses from a website too? Very odd.
  • Question:-Who should I start in fantasy football week two? I have Matt Schaub and Carson palmer?
    Last week carson had a great week and matt sat back and let arian foster do the damage. Matt schaub against washington? Or Carson Palmer against Baltimore.

    Answer:-Id go with Schuab, Foster was used in week 1 to keep manning off the field, thats the only reason they used him so much. Now in Week 2 he'll set up great play action now that foster is a big threat.

    Im watching the Ravens game now and the Jets arent having any type of passing game at all. Although Palmer does have Owens and Ochocinco, you do have to remember that the patriots arent a very good passing defence so he wont have nearly as many points this week.
  • Question:-Should i start Jay Cutler over Matt Schaub in week 1?
    Jay Cutler is playing a big game on sunday against Green Bay and should do pretty good. Matt Schaub injured his ankle but is goin to play in week 1. I think Rex Ryan defense is goin to trouble Schaub. What you guys think?

    Answer:-Schaub averaged 320 YPG passing the last 4 games of '08 and has one of the best receivers and receiving tight ends in the game at his disposal.
    Cutler is a quality QB but has no proven targets other than Forte. Schaub gets the nod until Cutler proves himself with the Bears.
  • Question:-Should I start Peyton Manning or Matt Schaub?
    Should I start Peyton Manning or Matt Schaub in week 3 on my fantasy football team? Matt Schaub is streaky touchdown wise, but Peyton Manning is always consistent. Help Please.

    Answer:-Normally I would start Peyton every week unless he has a bye, but considering Peyton will not have his number 2 WR this week, I think Schaub will have a better game against the Jag's defense. Andre Johnson has developed into one of the best WR in the league.
  • Question:-Do I start Matt Schaub or Aaron Rodgers for Fantasy WEEK 8?
    Which QB do I start for week 8 this week.. schaub or rodgers?

    Matt schaub is playing the bills and has been amazing all season and the bills defense is mediocre

    Aaron rodgers is playing the vikings who have a much better defense..

    Who should I start?

    Answer:-Schaub.. don't be scared off by AJ and Buffalos so called stud stopper. Schaub is going to pick that secondary apart and everyone knows it.
  • Question:-Would you start Chad Henne or Matt Schaub this week?
    Chad henne is playing the weak san diego defense, while matt schaub is playing the strong Pittsburgh defense. But matt is more consistent and has better recievers, who would you start?

    Answer:-Pittsburgh has consistently been exploited by passing teams for the last couple years, the only times they successfully stop it is when they get good pressure which hasn't been as good as it has been in years past most likely due to James Harrison coming off back surgery. I'd start Schaub as Henne isn't that good
  • Question:-which QB should i start on Sunday: matt schaub or Donovan Mcnabb?
    matt schaub vs. KC. Donovan vs. IND
    i'm starting to see how fantasy football can be a challenging strategic game!

    Answer:-Schaub has thrown for less that 200 yards in 3 out of 5 games this year, and now he's facing a KC defense that shut down Peyton Manning (I lost cause he got me less than 10 pts in my league, which is not going to cut it), and is only allowing 14 ppg. He is also without his starting LT, Duane Brown (4 week suspension, 2 more weeks to go), and he has struggled without him.

    McNabb, meanwhile, has thrown for almost 1400 yards in 5 games (about 280 ypg). He is facing a Colts D that is poor vs the run, but will be keying on it, so I think he will be able to hit on some deep throws, and hopefully some TDs, which have been lacking (only 4 through 5 games).

    Also, the Colts are missing two safeties: projected starter Bob Sanders, and his replacement, the up-and-coming Melvin Bullitt (btw watch the Colts cut Sanders in the off-season, they are really frustrated with his susceptibility to injuries). Thus, they will be starting the 4th string safety (they probably signed a free-agent or something as a backup). So start McNabb over Schaub with confidence.

    EDIT-Bethea is actually expected to play--but start McNabb anyways. Schaub, i my mind, has to prove himself again.
  • Question:-Should I start Matt Schaub or Matt Ryan?
    Should I start Matt Schaub or Matt Ryan?
    Schaub and the texans are playing at washington and the Falcons are hosting the Cardinals.

    Who should i play?

    Answer:-Even though he had a poor game last week (took a back seat to the Foster show), I can't imagine ever benching Schaub in favor of Ryan.

    my opinion, your call
  • Question:-Will Jack Del Rio start Matt Schaub on his fantasy team this week?
    With his real team scheduled to play the Houston Texans next week, should Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio start Matt Schaub, on his fantasy team?

    those guys can't stop anything.

    Answer:-Isn't Rio a successful Head of State figure?

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