Monday, November 14, 2011

nba lockout

  • Question:-NBA lockout..........................?
    Why would NBA lockout happen? In what case would it happen? What solution would be to avoid it? its said that the end of June would probably be the lockout.

    Answer:-players want money. no money=no business=lock outtttttt
  • Question:-Is the NBA lockout the best entertainment the league has offered in decades?
    The lockout is providing some of the best soap opera drama in the news today. Seriously, with uneducated millionaires bickering with old, fat billionaires over who takes in the most money, the in-fighting among owners and players, the threats to decertify... I hope the lockout goes on forever. Usually I have to pay for this kind of entertainment, and it's way better than watching boring NBA games. Anyone else agree?

    Answer:-The NBA season is very boring outside of a few games .So what's going on now is better entertainment.

    Dump the season and just put the same teams in the playoffs from last year.Flip a coin from home court.
  • Question:-NBA Lockout??????????????
    y is it on lockout?

    Answer:-Issues include a new collective bargaining agreement, revenue agreement, luxury taxes, rookie salaries, etc.
  • Question:-Could NBA players put together a 5 on 5 and sell it to pay per view during the NBA lockout?
    Let's say Kobe, Lebron, D-Wade, Dwight Howard, and 6 other NBA players decided to make their own money during the lockout and signed with pay per view to put on a game for the fans. Would they have the right to do this, since the lockout is forcing them to be broke for a while. Cause I think this would be dope personally, especially if you got Pippen and Clyde Drexler to suit up too, and play with them.

    Answer:-not sure but i know kevin durant contacted the game (yes 50 cents old buddy) about playing in a game in his league
  • Question:-What are the issues right now in the NBA lockout?
    The NFL gave the association 3% more of the ad revenue, Gave players full contract payments up front in cash and is nor forcing teams to use up more cap space and now everyone is happy.

    What issues are in the NBA lockout?

    Is it more or less complicated then the NFL lockout? Why or why not?

    Answer:-more complicated.......ignorant players dont want to get cut money
  • Question:-Would the offseason be more fun if the NBA lockout is resolved closer to the regular season?
    I've noticed now that the NFL lockout is over Free Agency is much more fun right before the season like it is now.

    There's more urgency and more happening at one time and it being closer to the season increases the excitement for opening night

    I'd like to see the same happen with the NBA, though I sadly think we'll either have 50 games or no season

    What do you think?

    Answer:-There was a Lockout back in the 1998-1999 NBA Season which forced the league to only have a grand total of 50 Games. I hope we get a full 82 Game Season, but as of now, that is highly unlikely. I want the NBA Lockout to end right now, but we have to wait for the owners to come to a new agreement with the CBA. The NFL Lockout and the NBA Lockout have two different stories, but I really want this to end as soon as possible.
  • Question:-What do you think about the NBA lockout?
    It looks that NFL and NBA lockout might cancel the whole season. But hey, you can do another stuff or you can watch NHL for the fall and winter. XD I will if they cancel NBA and NFL. Well, I wish the League and the players can come to an agreement before the the season begin so we can have basketball.

    Answer:-i think i am going to take school more seriously now :/
  • Question:-Will the NBA lockout last longer than the Kardshian marriage?
    Kim and Kris Kardashian marriage won't last long. So is the NBA lockout. So what will last?

    Answer:-Well, I don't expect much from this marriage. She's been with other athletes before, why should we believe this will be any different. The lockout has been active for 62 days. The end doesn't seem to be in sight. I'd say Kim and Kris' marriage lasts longer. In the end, however, I think they're doomed.
  • Question:-Is there any chance at all that the NBA lockout will end before the season starts?
    I just want to watch some ball. I just want this lockout to end. Can this possibly end before the NBA season starts?

    Answer:-Possibly. You never know. They have very important executive decisions to make. It is the NBA. However, it is highly overrated and will probably burn out if it continues like this.
  • Question:-How would an NBA lockout affect us fans?
    I have business just need to find how a NBA lockout could affect me as a fan from games to merchandise

    Answer:-It would effect fans because people do not like to hear millionaires and billionaires gripe about money. It turns people off to hear that. Some people are sickened by that talk and simply stop going to games and buying jerseys. It trickles down to the business end of NBA merchadise.

    I think most younger fans don't care, they just want basketball back, but older working fans are the ones who get turned off by the NBA after a lockout. Unfortunately for businesses, they are usually the ones buying most of the merchadise for their kids.

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