Monday, November 14, 2011

nba season

  • Question:-nba season?
    we are almost half way threw the nba season who is your pick to win it all

    Answer:-Pheonix, if Nash overcomes the inflammation in his right shoulder and stays healthy for the rest of the season.
  • Question:-NBA season?
    When does the preseason and regular season start in the NBA?

    Answer:-Preseason is the end of September-Start of October.
    The regular season starts around Halloween.
  • Question:-Why is the NBA season during the winter?
    Isn't basketball a summer sport? So why does the NBA have their season during the winter months? Hockey is a cold weather sport so it is played in the winter, football is played in the fall to experience the warm and cold weather and baseball is a summer sport played in the summer.

    Does my logic make sense to anybody else?

    Answer:-You must live somewhere warm. Maybe because all of us east coasters are miserable during the winter months and basketball is the one thing I look forward to during the week. It gives me something to watch and keeps me entertained on those cold winter nights. People are more likely to sit in their house in the winter and watch the games. Summer nights people can go out and enjoy the weather. That might have nothing to do with the real reason, but that is my rational. Also, basketball players do have a spoiled lifestyle, and they get the summer months off if you think about it. They probably don't want the winter months off - they get the summer off.
  • Question:-If the Nba season is cancelled will college basketball be a good enough alternative to basketball fans?
    To me watching college basketball is a big drop off compared to Nba games. So if the season is lost there will be nowhere else to see high level bball.

    Answer:-I watch college basketball anyway so makes no difference to me.
  • Question:-How many of you are going to miss the nba season now that it's over for the 2008-2009 season?
    I know I will it was a really good season to me.I enjoyed watching every game this year on nba tv,espn,abc,and tnt.

    Answer:-I will miss it, but I will be celebrating all off season.
    GO LAKERS!!!
  • Question:-I can't wait till the start of the NBA season! What are your predictions?
    I am so desperate for the start of the NBA season that I have been watching highlights of the regular seaon, playoff and finals of my Lakers on YouTube to relive the magic (no pun intended) of the season. What are your predictons on teams, trades, and draft picks? Let me know everything you thing is gonna happen during the 09-10 season.

    Answer:-- I'm very excited about this upcoming season!

    - Blake Griffin. I can't wait to see the Clipper rookie in action! Heard he's better than Amare.

    - There will be another big trade involving the: Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, Cavs, Nuggets, or Magic at some point during the season.

    - At least one of the above teams will lose a key star to injury.

    - At least four coaches will be fired.

    - Allen Iverson will sign with a team.

    - Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony will both make the All-Star game.

    - Trevor Ariza will have a monster year with the Rockets

    - At least one all-star will be traded.

    - The Lakers will win the Pacific Division by more than 10 games.

    - New NBA Champions. (Lakers will win in 2010-11). There are too many good teams who'll allow the same team win two years in a row.
  • Question:-What was the funniest play of the 2007 NBA season?
    1. Baron Davis embarassing Kirelenko by dunking on him.
    2. Gilbert Arenas great showing down the drain after he did well this season and was a nba mvp candidate.
    3. Rasheed Wallace being ejected in game 6 of the eastern conference finals on the road in front of a cheering cavaliers crowd.

    Answer:-how bout dirks choke act in the playoffs? there are plenty of plays there.

    but I would say when nate robinson stuffed yao, that was just insane, that was replayed for like 2 weeks straight.
  • Question:-Can anyone give me info on the NBA season where they played less than 82 games?
    I heard there was an NBA season where there were only like, 50 games played. Why is that? Which season was that? First to give good answer will be awarded 10 points! Thanks!

    Answer:-Yeah, it was the 1998-99 season. Due to a lockout, the season did not start until February 5, 1999 after a new six year Collective Bargaining Agreement was reached between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association. All 29 teams played a shortened 50 game regular season schedule, and the 16 teams who qualified for the playoffs played a full post-season schedule.

    I remember that well, and I was pissed because all the squabbling over money. I remember thinking that there wasn't going to be a season at all. The San antonio Spurs won the championship over the New York Knicks 4-1.
  • Question:-Who will be the Cleveland Cavaliers top scorer and go to guy next nba season?
    Without Lebron gone, who will be the Cleveland Cavaliers top scorer and go to guy next nba season?

    Answer:-With the cavs being so full of role players I believe JJ Hickson and Jamison will have a nice combo between the two
  • Question:-does anyone think the nba season will start on time?
    will it start on time? will there be an nba season at all?

    Answer:-Looks like half the season if not all !!!

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