Friday, November 11, 2011

ncaa basketball

  • Question:-NCAA Basketball?
    I am in the March Madness mood right now and I want to get some of that action so I'm debateing with my self which college basketball game should i get for the 360, NCAA March Madness 08 or College Hoops 2K8. I've looked at gameplay and the features of both of them but i still dont know which game is better. What game do you perfer?

    Answer:-College Hoops 2k8 is much better. Most magazines and websites willl agree with me
  • Question:-NCAA basketball?
    how is ncaa college basketball structured. I mean, during the season, do they always play each team twice? How does the actual season structured?

    Answer:-Every conference is different. The ACC for example, some teams don't play each other even once. However, most others play home and away with each team in their conference.
  • Question:-How do the NCAA basketball tournaments work?
    I don't really follow NCAA men's D-1 basketball that closely. But now, I'm in a fantasy game (Protrade) that deals with conference tournaments, an NIT tournament (never heard of that one) and the NCAA tournament. How does all of this work? Are all of these tournaments separate? Can someone please explain how all of this works, I'm really confused!
    It's protrade ( They have fantasy games for pretty much every sport.

    Answer:-The teams that win each conference tournament automatically advance to the NCAA tournament. There are 65 teams that play in the NCAA Tournament. The other teams that dont win their conference have to hope they get in by having a good record.

    The NIT tournament is for the teams that are good, but not good enough to make the NCAA tournament.

    Also in the NCAA tourmanet every team is seeded either 1-16 with the better team having the higher seed.

    What fantasy game are you in? What's the website?
  • Question:-ncaa basketball?
    with florida and OSU playing in the basketball championship does this make it the first time that the same schools met in both football and basketball championship?

    Answer:-Yes. At least in the same year from what the ESPN guys were saying last night, but I take their information with a grain of salt :-)
  • Question:-How can you trade players in ncaa basketball 09?
    In ncaa basketball 09 ps3 version i started to play a quick match with my team. I realized that the team that i was on could'nt play very well and decided to trade my player. After skimming through the game no matter what i did i couldn't find out how to trade players in the game. Can anyone tell me how you can trade players in ncaa basketball 09?

    Answer:-I don't think you can trade in college.
  • Question:-What is the record number of upsets in a NCAA basketball tournement?
    For example a 16 seed upsetting a 1 seed or 9 beating 8, ect. This would the total upsets in a years NCAA mens basketball tournement?

    Answer:-this one will probably break that record
  • Question:-How many possible outcomes are there in the NCAA basketball tournament?
    Mathematically speaking, how many different possible outcomes are there in the NCAA men's basketball tournament? There are 64 (65 counting one-play in game) teams arranged in four different brackets. Each bracket starts with 16 teams. I am too lazy to figure out the math. Can someone explain the number of possible outcomes mathematically?

    Answer:-A great question at a wonderful time of the year!

    First notice that the 64 teams play 63 total games: 32 games in the
    first round, 16 in the second round, 8 in the 3rd round, 4 in the
    regional finals, 2 in the final four, and then the national
    championship game.

    32+16+8+4+2+1= 63

    Now let's answer an easier question.

    If there were four teams, and they played three games, how many
    different ways would there be to fill out a bracket? You can write
    them down. There are only eight of them. Where do that eight come
    from? Well, there are three games, and you have two possible choices
    for each game. Hence, 2^3 = 8 possibilities.

    Now back to the real tournament. Since there are 63 games to be
    played, and you have two choices at each stage in your bracket, there
    are 2^63 different ways to fill out the bracket.

    2^63 = 9,223,372,036,854,775,808

    That's more than nine quintillion possibilities.
  • Question:-What is the best way to play ncaa basketball if you didn't play high school basketball in the USA?
    Ok i'm from the Bahamas and i've played high school basketball in my school. I want to play college basketball in the ncaa. Is it best for me to go to a junior college and play 1 year in the njcaa then go on to the ncaa.

    Answer:-I would say start out playing division 2 or even 3 depending on our skill level but i say don't ever be short on your confidence because anything could happen just believe in yourself and train and you could be the one i would be watching in the final four

    Advice: Never sell yourself short because big things could always happen
  • Question:-what jobs do ncaa basketball players apply for after college if they dont get into the nba?
    each year theres thousands of ncca basketball players but less than 5% of them make it to the nba... so what happens to the rest of them after college? where do they get a job? mcdonalds? foreign basketball league? garbageman? high school basketball coach???

    the majority of the ncaa players that dont make it to the nba get what job?

    Answer:-depends on the school and what they are interested in
  • Question:-Best college for aeronautics that has an ncaa basketball team?
    Whats a college that's really good with aeronautics and that a ncaa basketball team?

    Answer:-just google it

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