Wednesday, November 9, 2011

joe paterno

  • Question:-Hugh Heffner and Joe Paterno are about the same age, but who played the more important role in history?
    Hugh Heffer established the adult industry. Joe Paterno established college football where it is today. Twenty years from now, who would you look back to and say had a bigger role in our history.

    Answer:-hef of course

    mark k
  • Question:-Is this proof Joe Paterno is the classiest act in college football?
    All his players are devoid of talent, therefore they couldn't possibly be paid. Ergo Joe Paterno doesn't pay players. Class act.

    Answer:-Todd Blackledge was good.
  • Question:-How will this scandal affect the legacy of Joe Paterno?
    How will he be remembered? Michael Vick can win a super bowl, and he will be remembered as a dogfighter first, SB winning QB second. John Calipari will be remembered for the NCAA violations everywhere he went. Even John Wooden has the cloud over him of some issues, but he's actually remembered as a coach first.

    For 45 years, Paterno's seemed like the nicest guy in the coaching fraternity. But he covered up child molestation, which is completely inexcusable. Will this ruin our memories of kind ol' Joe Pa forever?

  • Question:-Should Joe Paterno retire after this season?
    I am a huge Penn State fan and I am planning on going to college there, but I think Joe Pa should retire. He is too old to be coaching and he obviously has just lost the touch. He has so much talent on that team and he is basically just wasting it. Luckily, Austin Scott got kicked off the team, or Evan Royster would have never gotten a chance to play this year. Don't get me wrong Joe Paterno was a great coach but he should hand the job over to someone else!

    Answer:-If he wants to, that man has earned the right to choose how and when he leaves.
  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can find the video of Joe Paterno chasing down Dick Honig?
    It's a shame that video footage of football is hard to come by but I've been searching the internet to no avail for the 2002 Penn State Iowa game where Joe Paterno chases down Dick Honig. Does anyone know where to find this and or other great college football clips?

    Answer:-In 1002? There wasn't any video back then. But there was Joe!
  • Question:-Why is Joe Paterno catching all the heat for what Jerry Sandusky did?
    Joe Paterno was told about the sexual assault allegations and reported them to his superior the athletic director. So why is Joe Paterno at fault??? And not one Jerry Sandusky or two the athletic director for not acting??

    Answer:-The big cheeses at PSU have been trying for years to get him out. He's been there so long he has become an institution, and it has been near impossible to put himout to pasture. Now they finally have a reason that they can justify.
  • Question:-Would it be fair for Penn State to remove Joe Paterno if the guy charged is convicted?
    Would it be fair for Joe Paterno to be kicked out of the door if he really was not aware what took place.

    Answer:-If they have proof that he had prior knowledge, he just might get the 'early retirement' treatment.
  • Question:-Will Chairman Obama be just as pissed off as Joe Paterno is for a SEX Scandal Firing when he is Fired?
    With the worst Economic Criminal Record of any President, Chairman Obama will be going DOWN, just like Joe Paterno did has and won't.

  • Question:-Do you think these charges will affect Joe Paterno's legacy?
    Do you think the charges of child sexual abuse on Joe Paterno's defensive coordinator and the fact that he didn't alert authorities and only his boss is enough to ruin his legacy as one of the greatest coaches of college football? Maybe even all of professional football?
    I for one am still a huge Joe Paterno fan and hope something happens to allow him to stay coach, but that's just me. So what do you think? Is he still one of the best coaches despite this?

  • Question:-How many career championships has Joe Paterno won?
    How many career Division 1 championships has Joe Paterno won?

    Answer:-He has won 2 National Championships and has had 4 Unbeaten -Untied teams.

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