Saturday, November 5, 2011

lsu football

  • Question:-lsu football?
    who else think lsu will dominate this season?

    Answer:-Iowa state?? are ya crazy??
  • Question:-LSU football?
    How good are the LSU Tigers? They should have lost that game to the Auburn Tigers.

    Answer:-The LSU Tigers are only as good as the refs calls - not good at all! They barely beat Florida, they got beat by Kentucky, and they darn well should have lost to Auburn!! The referees called this game in favor of LSU and they should be reprimanded for this. Les Miles wants to complain about a chop block to Dorsey. Well, it was unintentional and it was not career ending. Further, what about the muliple face masks that were not called against LSU. The face mask that was called was ruled incidental for a 5 yard penalty when in all actuality the face mask was used to tackle!! I am about sick and tired of Auburn getting screwed because we are a stand up program. LSU plays dirty and always has. Les Miles even complained to the board last year as well. Did he not see his team nearly kill Brandon Cox. No one likes to play LSU and it is not because they can beat is because the try to beat up everyone. It is time the SEC or the NCAA does something about it. LSU blows!!!
  • Question:-Will I be able to watch the whole LSU football season on DirectTV?
    My family has been thinking of switching to DirectTV for a while because of the NFL package. If we switched to DirectTV, would we be able to watch the whole season of LSU football, or would we have to stream it on the internet?

    Answer:-That all depends where you live if they are the local team then most likely if they are the out of market team then you would have to buy another sports package. I'm a Yankee fan that has live in NM, TX, and MS, so I've always had to buy the baseball package.
  • Question:-Where can I watch LSU football games in Chicago?
    I live in the Lakeview area and I am looking for a smokeless, 30's something bar to watch LSU football games.


    Check out the LSU Alumni Chapter in Chicago. They usually meet at a place to watch the game. Call the place to see if its smokeless.
  • Question:-What sections do the visitors sit in at an LSU football game?
    What sections do the visitors sit in at an LSU football game?

    Answer:-I sat in the upper deck last year as I watched Ole Miss give LSU a whoopin'. The fans are fairly mixed up there though. There is a pretty large visitor section in the lower deck in one of the end zones, I think the north one but I can't remember.
  • Question:-Why is LSU football player's academic equal to high school standard?
    Are LSU football players intelligent? Can they graduate and not commit crimes?

    Answer:-No. They can't meet the university academic standard like USC

    Fight ON!!

    Root for USC
  • Question:-Should NCAA drop LSU football team due to unacceptable academic standard?
    I think LSU either increase funding in education and cut football program funding to meet NCAA division 1-A guidelines.

    Of course, we don't want the nation to know LSU is dim-witted.

    Answer:-LSU academic is very poor. They can't read and write. They are good at eating corn dogs.

    Fight On!!

    Root for USC
  • Question:-What city is the LSU football team's campus?
    What city is the LSU football team's campus?
    Thanks to those of ypu who can spell...

    Answer:-Baton Rouge. Geaux Tigers. 2D
  • Question:-I want a full-face helmet that can be made to resemble an LSU football helmet. Any suggestions?
    It is hard finding a solid yellow helmet. If I order LSU decals to put on one will they stay?

    Answer:-Just get a helmet that has a solid design, prime it and get it painted professionally.
  • Question:-Has anyone else noticed a trend with LSU football?
    Have you ever noticed that whenever LSU plays a bowl game indoors they win it, but when they play a bowl game outdoors they lose? That's so weird!

    Answer:-I thought it was that they always find a ridiculously stupid way to win/lose a game, people completely drop them off their radar afterwards, then they butt-rape a good team the very next week.

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