Saturday, November 5, 2011

crimson tide

  • Question:-Where do you think the Crimson Tide will be ranked now that they have beaten #9 Clemson?
    I was just wondering how they would do in the AP polls. I hope they move up to 16-17, but I don't know if they will go that high.

    Any prediction on the new ranking of the Crimson Tide would be greatly appreciated.

    Can't wait to see those polls!

    Roll Tide!

    Answer:-I'm gonna guess between 11 & 14 the reason they would jump so much is because they spanked clemson pretty good.
  • Question:-Why is the Alabama Crimson Tide called that?
    Why is Alabama's Crimson Tide called that other than for the obvious fact that Crimson is the color of brick red? And why is the mascot an elephant? I know we have red dirt in alabama, but what is up with the elephant?

    Answer:-From Wikipedia:

    Early newspaper accounts of the University's football squad simply referred to them as the "varsity" or the "Crimson White." The first nickname popular with the media was the "Thin Red Line," which was used until 1906. Hugh Roberts, former sports editor of the Birmingham Age-Herald, is credited with coining the phrase "Crimson Tide" in an article describing the 1907 Iron Bowl played in Birmingham. The game was played in a sea of red mud with Auburn a heavy favorite to win. Alabama held Auburn to a 6-6 tie, thus graduating to their newfound nickname.
  • Question:-What has happened to the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Program, and Why cant they ever win a Big Game Anymore?
    When I was growing up, the Alabama Crimson Tide were footballs Elite program, Bear Bryant ruled the sidelines, and Bama football was on top. This Saturday against a top ranked Georgia team, I will be very interested to see if Alabama can finally rise up again, and finally knock a top team out.

    Answer:-Alabama is Rising. Nick Saban knows how to handle all facets of a college football program. Recruiting is a big strength of his. This past off season Alabama had the #1 recruiting class in the nation.
    Alabama is a young team with some mature and disciplined personnel.
    This has all been reflected ahead of schedule.
    As I am sure you are aware by now, Alabama crushed Georgia last night. So far, Alabama has crushed two top ten teams in the first five games. I would say Bama is back. ROLL TIDE!!!
  • Question:-Where can i get Alabama Crimson Tide stuff besides online?
    My girlfriend loves the women's college team, Alabama Crimson Tide and i was thinking of getting her hats, sweaters or other apparel like that for her bday. But her bday is coming up fast and i wont have enough time to order them online. Does anybody know where i could try to get them at? Like Sports Chalet or something like that?

    Answer:-some sports stuff carrys bama.. Walmart has some stuff. but usually sports stores. here in pensacola fl there is a sports store in unvierstiy mall that has lots of bama stuff.
  • Question:-Did the Alabama Crimson tide have an off night?
    I am a diehard Crimson Tide fan but I want a non bias answer. Do you think Utah was the better team or did Alabama go into the game thinking they had it won before the game began?

    Answer:-I don't think you can say we were at full strength for one, we didn't have our All-American tackle, and 3 of our offensive linemen were playing out of position, not to mention that Utah's defensive end is a stud playing against a third string offensive tackle. I'm not making excuses, we got beat, and on that night utah definitelytely a better team then Alabama and bama got it taken to them, no doubt in my mind.

    In Bama's defense however, i think that we didn't play Bama football, we never got the running game going because your offensive line weakness and a well schemed game by Utah.

    Look at what happened when we played Tulane without Smith, it screwed us and our offensive output was atrocious. Do I think Utah is a better team, no, not at all. Do i think they were better on that night, damn straight they proved it.
  • Question:-I am doing a poll if your a crimson tide fan post a comment?
    In the comment explain why you are a crimson tide fan


    Answer:-Born in Bama.....only one real football team in Bama is the tide.
    I am a U of Michigan fan now because I live in Michigan, but Bama still has a special spot in my heart.......they have a lot of tradition and pride.
  • Question:-What is this about the crimson tide getting sanctions?
    I know it's for some way that students were getting free textbooks. But what kind of penalties is the tide going to receive? For how long?

    Please help!

    Answer:-It's a very minor infraction that will basically get them a slap on the wrist. At most they will lose a recruiting trip or two. No big deal.

    Tornado, you are a fine one to talk about a cheating school. Can you say pay for play? As in Oklahoma players being paid to do nothing by car dealerships in Okie? I hardly find getting a few free text books to be cheating on the field. I used to like you but, that is slowly fading.
  • Question:-How well is the Crimson Tide gonna do in the SEC?
    I don't think that the tide will be a national title contender. But they are probably gonna turn some heads. Any ideas? If you are an SEC hater, then keep your opinion to your self.

    Answer:-I hope for my boyfriend's sake they do quite well.
  • Question:-What will be the Alabama Crimson Tide's biggest weakness going into this next football season?
    I like what Saban has done with that program. I'm not really an Alabama fan, but there is something special about Alabama football. It's just very American.

    However, the quarterback position does seem to be a problem. I've never even seen their backup quarterback. I know the defense will probably be stocked.

    What's the biggest hole the Tide has to fill this year? Quarterback? Running back?

    Answer:-Thanks for the compliment. Saban has done a wonderful job hasn't he? Defensively we are pretty set. There are 9 starters returning & a lot of kids got to play in back-up roles. Offense: Big question definitely is the QB position. A.J. Mccaron is the only Qb we have with any experience. He played in a couple of games last year after the games had already been decided. He was able to play almost the entire second half vs. Michigan State in the Capital One bowl. So that was some needed experience. The QB slot will most likely be his or a kid named Phillip Sims who has a bad A*S arm but no experience. We will be fine at the running back slot. We have Trent Richardson coming back for his junior year. He may just end up being a better running back than Ingram was. We also have 2-3 more RB's that got to play a lot during the season. RT
  • Question:-What do the crimson tide fans think about our new era?
    I thought they looked a lot better, especially the running game. Wilson looked like he struggled at the long pass. The defense is still young. I see 10 or 11 wins this year. What do ya'll think?

    Answer:-An Auburn fan here,
    Alabama looked impressive yesterday.It is going to be hard for Auburn or anyone else to beat Alabama this year.Congratulations.
    After yesterday I am very concerned about playing Alabama this year.

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