Tuesday, November 15, 2011

uk basketball

  • Question:-UK basketball?
    i can't believe UK lost.. but i'm ready for next year.. how far will we go?

    Answer:-all the way.. team we got add liggins, miller, galloway and mackey is gonna walk on..
    billy G is the man and the team is gonna be amazing.. GO BIG BLUE

  • Question:-How do the stakeholders between the NBA and the Euroleague and UK basketball differ in influence and power?
    Need some suggestions on the following question:

    How do the stakeholders between the NBA and the Euroleague and UK league basketball differ in influence and power?

    Much appreciated,

    Answer:-Stakeholders from the NBA are able to benefit more in terms of influence and power because the NBA is on a worldwide scale, and often considered the most competitive and popular basketball league in the world. The Euroleague and UK basketball are becoming more popular but it will be a long time before either surpasses the NBA.
  • Question:-Is UK basketball becoming a national phenomina or a cult?
    When a school like UK draws 25,000 to see an exhibition game and 25,000 to see their midnight madness practice how do you explain this hype or phenomina surrounding a basketball game?

  • Question:-UK Basketball?
    Is anyone else hoping that the University of Kentucky makes the NCAA Tournament? I just love it when CBS shows their gap toothed inbred fans on television.

    Answer:-Give you a banjo and your picture looks more inbred than any Kentucky fan I've seen. Just saying.
  • Question:-Can anyone tell me a little bit of history about UK Basketball New Coach?
    It was crazy that he left UK, but I do not know nothing about UK Basketball new head Coach

    Does anyone know his history of coaching college basketball?

    Any National Champions?
    What is his record?
    Who did he use to coach for?
    What is his rating as Head Coach in Basketball?

    Answer:-Didn't realise they played much basketball in England.
  • Question:-Who are the UK basketball players?
    I understand the UK got a new coach (yay) I live in KY and my whole family is into UK basketball but when I ask them to tell me the names of all the players they go in to the names, hometowns, stats, and things I don't really care about. Could someone give me a list of the players and their numbers? like:
    1. First Name Last Name
    2. First Name Last Name
    Haha I'm not that smart so I can't figure out how to make this question resolved so... thank you Gina!!! that was exactly what i needed!

    Answer:-Here is a list of the 2008-2009 UK Roster.
    I am a Kentucky fan too.

    Go Big Blue!!!
  • Question:-How much are UK basketball season tickets? ?
    About how much are UK basketball season tickets for one year? Please tell lower level and upper level tickets or a range. Thanks.

  • Question:-Who is the UK basketball player that always sits at the end of the bench next to Enes in a blue warmup?
    I can't figure it out :/
    It is not Dwayne Wade he plays in the NBA.

    Answer:-he is called dwayne wade and he is american
  • Question:-Do you watch UK basketball? If so who is your favorite player?
    I am a UK fan all the way baby! my favorite player is Jodie Meeks, and has been ever since he was a freshman at UK. Patterson is good down low. UK is doing pretty good this year, but could have been better if Jasper hadn't left.

    Answer:-I am a huge UK fan, I love to watch them. UK basketball is my life. I watch every game and my whole Christmas was practically all UK stuff. My favorite players are Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson. They are both very talented players. Jodie has an all around game, and Patrick like you said is good down low and a huge inside presence. I miss Derrick Jasper. But, I think DeAndre Liggins is just like him. Do you remember Alex Legion who was supposed to be good and transferred from UK to Illinois in the middle of last season? Perry Stevenson is the unsung hero who gets over looked by many. Perry's a good ball player. I just can't wait for Darius Miller and DeAndre Liggins to get more experience. They are the future of UK basketball. Gillispie has some good recruits coming in next year named Daniel Orton, Jon Hood, and GJ Vilarino. I hope Meeks and Patterson come back next year instead of going to the NBA. I Bleed Blue!!!!!

    Keep up faith in our Cats, if tey escape this week with out a loss which they should since they're playing Auburn and Alabama, and UK continues to improve, they'll be ranked for sure! Good Luck and Enjoy the Cats this season!
  • Question:-Is UK basketball and Yankees baseball 2 greatest traditions in all of sports?

    Answer:-No definitely not. The celtics and lakers, have had much bigger dynasties. Also in college basketball, for this decade it would be duke and UNC.

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