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jessie james

  • Question:-What clothes would jessie james wear back then?
    I have to draw a picture of an outfit that jessie james might wear. Iv tried pictures and other sights but i cant find anything. Any ideas.

    Answer:-shirt-cotton and button down with probably long sleeves
    t-shirt-possibly, but one of the "A" shirts (also called a wife beater) or long underwear if it was cold.
    vest-a typical heavy vest possibly of light wool or leather with a watch pocket (if he had a watch it would be attached to one of the buttons on the vest with a watch chain (fob).
    coat-a long 'duster' coat probably made of oilskin (oil treated fabric) or leather.
    boots-probably something similar to today's cowboy boots, and most likely would always wear spurs.
    heavy belt and gun holster-would probably have extra ammo too.
    hat-a narrow brimmed cowboy hat or possibly a bowler.
    Hope this helps!
  • Question:-Does any one know the value of an original Jessie James wanted poster?
    I have a wanted poster of Jessie James the reward is $500 does any one know it's value?it is an original.

    Answer:-The value of such a document (if it is authentic) would be hard to gauge. I would contact Southeby's or some other reputable auction house and enlist their aid ... it will cost a commission, but your return will be better if you let them sell it.
  • Question:-In what episode(s) of Pokemon do Jessie and James go to pokemon tech and the bicyle gang?

    I'm looking for the episode of Pokemon where flashbacks are shown of Jessie and James flunking out of Pokemon Tech and the one where it shoes them in the bicycle gang. Thanks!

    Answer:-Episode 9 – The School of Hard Knocks
    - this episode was when Jessie and James explained that they got the lowest scores in Pokemon tech. They're basically dropouts.

    Episode 36 – The Bridge Bike Gang
    - This episode was when Jessie and James explained that they were part of the bicycle gang. They left to join Team Rocket which also impressed their old admirers.

    Episode 48 – Holy Matrimony!
    - This is probably the episode you're talking about. In this episode, James explained that he left his rich life because it had so many rules and standard so he said that he left to Pokemon tech and then joined the bike gang. After he'd join Team Rocket.
  • Question:-There was an episode of Pokemon with a Jessie and James moment I can't find?
    I think it's in Diamond and Pearl. Jessie and James have another Pokemon-snatching machine and Jessie wants to steal the random pokemon in the episode and not Pikachu, but James grabs her around the waist and holds her back and won't let her steal the pokemon and Jessie runs off crying. What is this episode?

    Answer:-Don't have a clue :) But try going on the pokemon website, go to the videos and browse through the episode summaries of that season - maybe some thing will jump your memory? :)
  • Question:-songs like I Look So Good Without You by Jessie James?
    i love the song i look so good by jessie james, the lyrics and the music, i want some songs like it.

    Answer:-Perhaps something from LeAnn Rimes?

    I only listen to dance. I only liked "Wanted" because it had a pop beat and had great dance remixes.
  • Question:-Im related to the jessie james the outlaw?
    well all my life ive been told jessie james is my great great great uncle. And that jessie james the one that was married to sandra bullock is my great great cousin. how can i find this out? my nmae is mackenzie robinson. fathers name james r. robinson. ?

    Answer:-you posted this in the politics section. Meaning, people who usually help in genealogy, don't even see it. (I am an exception).
    Delete the question here, and get your five points back..then re do it, and pay attention when it asks where you want the question to be. Genealogy is under arts and humanities. I would give you a longer explanation, but there are some really good researchers over there, and you would have the advantage of more people giving you input.
    PS don't post names of living people or give private info about yourself. It is ok to post names of your grandparents, if they are dead. Include dates and places to get best results.
  • Question:-Have any of you read the James and Jessie Series?
    I was just wondering if any of you have read the first book James and Jessie (This Is Not A Mushy Romantic Novel) by Tom Whatley? Its alot like Harry Potter, and the Lord of the rings mixed together. Anyways, I was the 7th caller on my radio station where I am, and I just recieved an Advanced Readers Edition of the second book!

    Are any of you planning on reading/or buying the second book? I've had the first book for a while...and its not as good as the second book, but wow! Definately a good read!

    Answer:-Nope, never read it. Might get it though when I finish the few I'm reading now.
  • Question:-Why did Jessie James allow those guys to kill him?
    That story about he turning his back to his killers and dust a picture, so they could easily kill him. He had a wife and kid at the house, why would he do that? He wanted to commit suicide?

    Answer:-Jesse James was a very sick man at the time of his death, suffering from probably a number of stress-related problems, and constantly watering eyes. He was also probably psychotic, a situation not helped by his Civil War experiences, and had a reputation for killing with no reason and no conscience.

    Apparently Robert Ford and his brother, who were part of his gang, genuinely feared that they were next on Jesse's hit list, and took matters into their own hands.

    Some say it was done for fame, which may well be borne out by the way Robert Ford and his brother took the killing on the road as a stage show and made money out of re-enacting it.

    I think Jesse just let his guard down and was probably distracted by that stupid picture on the wall - he was a Virgo, after all, and maybe too engrossed in minutiae.
  • Question:-What are the lyrics to the song called "Burn It Up" by Jessie James?
    I have no idea what the lyrics are to this song and I really want to know what they are and I can't find them anywhere. She is the same artist who sang "Blue Jeans" from Confessions of a Shopaholic Sountrack.

    Answer:-go to they have like everything but if that dosent work then you could always google it that always works
  • Question:-what happed to james and jessie pokemon ?
    Jessie had a Seviper and james a Cacnea and mime jr
    what happed to them?

    Answer:-James left Cacnea with Gardenia, the Gym Leader of Eterna City in the Sinnoh region. James was having issues training it to use Drain Punch and he felt giving it to Gardenia was the best thing for Cacnea since they both wanted it to get stronger and he felt that wasn't going to happen under his care.

    In regards to Seviper and Mime Jr. as well as Wobbuffet, they were both left behind in Team Rocket's HQ before they went to Unova. They weren't allowed to bring their Pokémon with them because they were given a specific assignment and they had to stay as out of sight as possible so they couldn't use Pokémon that weren't native to Unova.

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