Wednesday, November 16, 2011

willis mcgahee

  • Question:-willis mcgahee????????????
    what kind of running back willis mcgahee he a power or a elusive back?

    Answer:-the one that always gets hurt
  • Question:-Who should I start in wk 3 Willis McGahee or Larry Johnson?
    It's Willis McGahee's first game this season so i'm not sure about starting him. Larry Johnson on the other hand hasn't played so well this season so far.

    Answer:-Larry Johson...McGahee hasn't played a game this season plus even if he did start it would take him more than one game to get back into the groove of things
  • Question:-Should i trade steven jackson and marshawn lynch for Michael turner and willis Mcgahee?
    i wont start willis mcgahee because i have frank gore. And he wont even be my back up cuz i have deangallo williams so mcgahee really wont have a role on my team and marshawn lynch wouldnt have one either. Im just wondering who will have a better fantasy year, steven jackson or michael turner?

    Answer:-Dang that is tough. Personally I would go with Turner but thats tough.
  • Question:-Need to drop either Willis McGahee or Derrick Mason. Who should I keep and why?
    I have both Willis McGahee and Derrick Mason on my fantasy football bench and I need to drop one to pick up a defense. I have three other RBs and 3 other WRs. These two guys are just bench alternates. Who should I keep and why? Thanks.

    Answer:-McGahee could win the starting job for the Broncos. John Fox will use a RBBC and both McGahee and Moreno should see plenty of touches in the offense. Even if McGahee is not the starter his nose for the endzone should make him the team's number one option when they get near touchdown. McGahee has the ability and the opportunity to end the season as a top 25 fantasy RB.
  • Question:-At runningback should i start fred jackson or willis mcgahee?
    should i start

    willis mcgahee (from baltimore) vs san diego


    Fred Jackson (from buffalo) against tampa bay?

    reason i ask is sometimes mcgahee gets to vulture touchdowns from ray rice and mcclain

    Answer:-McGahee all day. Fred Jackson is good, but you have to realize that he New England run defense isnt that great (very very young and in-experienced core). I think that if he were to go up against a half way decent defense, I can see him doing alright, but not spectacular. He is a middle of the road player and will get touches, but will see his time significantly damper once Marshawn Lynch comes back after week 3. I cant see Buffalo splitting time evenly either between them, as Lynch is a beast.

    McGahee is going against a weak Cinci defense today and is the man when it comes to converting in the red zone. Ray Rice/McClain will have most of the yardage on the ground today, but I would expect McGahee to have 50+ all purpose yards and one of two td's.
  • Question:-Should I start Willis McGahee or Pierre thomas at my flex?
    I would normally say McGahee here, but he did break his hand and only missed 1 game. He says he's ready and the hand shouldn't be a factor. I know the Broncos are going to want to run the ball against Oakland but does that mean McGahee will get his 20+ touches? No one knows. Pierre Thomas should get more touches wil Ingram out.

    Willis McGahee @ Oakland
    Pierre Thomas vs. Tampa Bay

    Answer:-Thomas has not been getting many carries, but he is making the most of them to get solid points. However, Mcgahee was a monster before his injury and I don't see why he wouldn't be now. Go with Mcgahee he will get the ball a lot more.
  • Question:-Need help on pricing for a authentic autographed Willis Mcgahee large ravens jersey?
    Does anyone know around how much i should sell a purple authentic autographed Willis Mcgahee large ravens jersey for? Or know anyone who may want to buy it?

    Answer:-check ebay, see what they are getting for one.
  • Question:-Should I start Willis McGahee or Derren Sproils?
    I have 3 RB's on a bye. As a flex, should I start Derren Sproils or Willis McGahee (I'm already starting Mike Tolbert)

    Note: I am NOT in a PPR league.


    Answer:-The Texans are a bad run D and a worse pass D. sproles benefits either way and with all the injuries the Chargers have a WR and TE, they have to target someone. Unless you want to hedge your bet since you're already playing Tolbert, go with Sproles.
  • Question:-What two running backs should I start this week? Rashard Mendenhall, Willis Mcgahee, Steve Slaton?
    What two running backs should I start this week? Rashard Mendenhall, Willis Mcgahee, Steve Slaton

    Answer:-Slaton for sure.

    The other two could be a toss up. Probably go with Mcgahee though. Mendenhall will not put up numbers like last week because Parker and Moore will get carries this week as well.

    Check out mine:

    EDIT: Definitely start Mendenhall over McGahee. I did not know Parker was out again this week.
  • Question:-Willis McGahee?
    Does he SUCK or what?

    Answer:-i think he is overrated he is not bad he is just an average runner he doesn't have the speed or the strength to be an elite back in the NFL he really only had one good year in Buffalo and he was great at Miami but a lot of running back from the U are good Frank Gore edgerrian james the list goes on and on but he is not a great NFL player

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