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  • Question:-Where can i find a list of old antebellum homes in the Tuscaloosa area?
    My fiance and I are planning on getting married in an antebellum home in the Tuscaloosa area. We are not sure of how to go about looking for a list of them. Does anyone know where we can get a printable list of old antebellum homes in the Tuscaloosa area?
    Thank you so much.

    Answer:-You can ask the Tuscaloosa Insider at
  • Question:-Will the Titans of Tuscaloosa and Tallahassee be playing each other for the BCS National Championship?
    Nick Saban Jimbo Fisher, I think, will be squaring off in the Superdome come January. The Titan of Tuscaloosa versus the Titan of Tallahassee.

    It will be physical. It will nasty. It will be college football's greatest dynasties squaring off for all the marbles.

    I will be there.

    Answer:-Florida State wont make it this year. I understand you are excited about a great recruiting class but that doesnt translate to on field success.
  • Question:-I might be moving to either Tuscaloosa or Birmingham Alabama, which is the best place to live?
    I am single working woman with eldery parents whom live with me. I was curious to what area in and around Tuscaloosa/Birmingham would be a good place to live. How is the climate in both?
    We currently live in Mid Missouri. Brrrrrrrr.

    Answer:-I recommend one of the municipalities outside of the Birmingham city limits -- Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Mountain Brook to the south or Gardendale, Fultondale, Mount Olive to the north -- stay away from the downtown area of the city -- it's not the safest place to be or live, and there is NO place to shop. I live in Hoover, which is about 10 miles south of downtown, and I work downtown.

    I've never even been to Tuscaloosa even though I've lived here now for 18 years. I do know it's a college town. The University of Alabama is there.

    The climate is typical southeastern US -- it's HOT in the summer, and just right in the spring, fall and winter.

    I was born in Birmingham, grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, and moved back to Birmingham in 1990.
  • Question:-I am looking for a place to wash my car in Tuscaloosa?
    I live in Tuscaloosa and need to find a place to wash my car, I have all the cleaning equipment but the apartment I live in doesn't have any water outlets to use. Is there any where I can go and wash it?
    I'm a male.

    Answer:-I would go to one of the local car washes here in town. I use the one at 5 points and the one behind Powell's gas station at Hargrove Rd. and Kicker Rd.
    This site has a list of automotive detailing locations around town.
  • Question:-What is the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa in general like for graduate students? Good Apartments?
    I am a senior graduating this May from the University of Miami and am seriously considering the University of Alabama for graduate school. Was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on what Alabama is like for grad students, what's Tuscaloosa like and what apartments are the best. Thanks.

    Answer:-Miami, Fl or Miami, Ohio? Either way I think you'll like T-town. I grew up there as a child and have come back to the area after retirement. It's really grown and has just opened a big amphitheater. As for apartments....I'm sure you can find something you'll whatever price range you need.
    Roll Tide!!!!
  • Question:-Where are some nice places in Tuscaloosa Alabama I could go to have pictures taken?
    My friends and I want to go have some pictures made. We want to take them outside in nice places. Does anyone have any ideas as to where we could go? It needs to be in or near Tuscaloosa Alabama.

    Answer:-Lots of nice places on the Alabama campus...Denny Chimes...the quad....front of the stadium
  • Question:-Can I get from the Birmingham, Alabama airport to Tuscaloosa via public transportation?
    When I go to Alabama next month, I'm flying into the Birmingham airport, and then I need to get to the university in Tuscaloosa. I know there are shuttles, but they cost a ton--ditto on taxis--so I'm hoping I can find a bus from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa. Does anyone know of such a bus, and also how I can get from the airport to the bus station?

    Answer:-No, but train tickets from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa are about $17.00 & bus tickets are about $10.00 to $16.00. Both are about an hour ride. It's a lot cheaper than the taxi & shuttle services. The Tuscaloosa Transit Authority has Trolleys on fixed routes for $1.00 & 20¢ transfers. Hope this helps.
  • Question:-In alcohol consumption per person, where does Tuscaloosa Alabama stand nationally?
    I know Tuscaloosa county is the highest in Alabama, but I can't find info on the net bout it.

    Answer:-18 th
  • Question:-Does anyone know where I can get free STD testing done in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa Alabama? thanks?
    Hi, I am planning to have a baby. and both me and the donor wanted to get tested. For ourselves and the baby. So I wanted to know if anyone knew of a clinic or medical office that does free STD testing in B'ham or Tuscaloosa Alabama. Thank you for any real information.

    Answer:-Jefferson County Department of Health
    1400 Sixth Avenue South
    Birmingham, Alabama 35233
    Tel: 205.933.9110

    this should work for you. and by the way very smart to get tested BEFORE pregnancy to prevent any complications. hope this helps you and good luck
  • Question:-How far is it between Tuscaloosa, AL to Montgomery, AL or vice versa?
    How far is it between Tuscaloosa, AL to Montgomery, AL or vice versa?

    Answer:-133.2 miles from city center to city center.

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